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WTF Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Ladies!!

You know what to do - complaints go here!
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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • My students are driving me bonkers today!!!! I must be speaking a foreign language cause they are looking at me clueless to simple directions such as "line up"

  • I thought it was allergies, but nope! I'm fully sick! I can't even figure out who I got it from, which means I'm patient zero. How delightful.
  • i hate being sick :(

    I've got nothing this week - I mean I'm procrastinating and not getting some stuff done, our house is a bit of a mess, I need to get my car fixed, and I'm super sore from boot camp on Monday and have boot camp again today but those are all just normal things and don't deserve a WTF :)
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  • WTF FSIL. She strikes again! Total cluster from this past weekend. I've calmed down and can "laugh" about it but FH is still extremely upset with her. If nothing else, her behavior alleviates any "guilt" I was having about not inviting her daughter (who will be 15 months old in December). We are not having any children at our wedding and she was pushing boundaries...but no more! 
  • Hey ladies!

    I don't have a WTF today except that I want it to be Friday!!!  For no particular reason except that I am feeling lazy and don't want to work :-p
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  • I dont really have one this week! 
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