Concert on DVD for Favors?

My Fiance proposed to me while we were slow dancing to a live concert on DVD by our favorite artist, Roy Orbison (If you don't know him, his music is pretty classic and appropriate for all ages. A popular song of his that you may have heard is Pretty Woman.) My Fiance had the idea to give copies of the DVD as favors, with a personal note attached that says something like, "This concert holds special meaning for us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do." While I love the idea, I have a few questions:

1. Are DVDs too outdated now? Does everyone still own DVD players?
2. Is a concert on DVD too cheesy/not a good favor idea?
3. How many copies should we give? One per couple, one per family or one per person?

We have a lot of kids coming, about 30 guests will be under the age of 8. I am also trying to figure out how I can possibly make this work around $4 per person. We are expecting around 200 guests! (Part of my reasoning behind question #3 above.) Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks everyone and happy planning!

Re: Concert on DVD for Favors?

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    I think you'll have a ton of leftovers that people don't take.

    1.) I don't know of a computer that doesn't have a DVD player in it unless you build your own and choose not to have one. So even if you don't have one attached to your TV, you have one.

    2.) Not a good idea at all. Most people won't watch a concert on DVD especially if it isn't their taste in music.

    3.) One per family if you end up wanting to do this. Why would couples and families need more than one? And what would a kid under 8 do with one?

    Everyone has such personal taste in music. I don't care that you have a special moment with this DVD, I don't. It is an amazing thing for the 2 of you and something you'll cherish forever. Guests, not so much. Most of those that take it will end up donating it.

    What song did you FI propose during? Or song is your favorite from it? Maybe if you post things like that we can help come up with something that could tie into it.


  • Thanks for the feedback, staar987. I know its a stretch to think all our guests will like the DVD. However, a lot of the guests are from our parents' generation, so they would know Roy Orbison, and he is generally well liked by their set. We're both 27, but my fiance and I think we should have been alive in the 1960s -- we love the music from that era. Roy Orbison is similar to Elvis Presley. He's famous for Rock N Roll, Rockabilly, Pop style music. I agree that one DVD per family or couple is the way to go. We would likely give candy or some small gift to the kids in attendance. 

    We aren't sure which song we were dancing to when he proposed. All the excitement distracted us and we've been trying to remember ever since! We have tentatively chosen "In Dreams" from this concert for our First Dance song, and the DVD is called "Black and White Night." 

    All the other favors we have considered seem a bit generic and boring, and knowing we can't please everyone with whatever favors we choose, we wanted to go for something unique and personal. Thanks again for your feedback.
  • What a nice proposal!

    I like Roy Orbison (and when he was in the Traveling Wilburys) but this is something I would leave behind.  When I have time to actually put something in the DVD player it is a movie; concert DVDs are just not something I watch.  I'd actually probably leave a RO CD behind too.  It is just too big a commitment of time to listen to a CD and is not a music format I use much.

    I would love hearing RO songs during dinner.

    Edible favors are great and I don't consider delicious to be boring :)  Maybe you can do something like a cookie or hot chocolate to tie to "In Dreams" or "Black and White Night." 

  • Thanks for your advice, csuave! An edible favor is something we've been considering doing as well. The idea of tying the Roy Orbison concert/song theme into an edible favor is great! Why didn't I think of that? And we will definitely play Roy Orbison songs during the reception. In response to your feedback on a DVD or CD, I went to a friend's wedding a while ago where they did a mixed CD as their favors. I love their CD, and every time I hear a song from it, I am reminded of what a great time I had at their wedding. Maybe a CD would be a better idea, as more people would listen to a concert than watch it on DVD. I know people don't really listen to CDs anymore, but they can download the CD on to their laptop. Anyway, thanks again for your advice!
  • Copying the DVD without permission is probably illegal, too. (I'm assuming your plan was to burn it to DVRs?)

    I think you'll need to scrap the DVD idea.



  • Thanks itzMS, we've actually steered toward buying the CD. No copyright worries there, and cheaper option than buying DVDs.
  • Is it within your budget to give out the CD and also a small edible favour for the guests who may not like Roy Orbison?
  • We have 30 kids attending, and they will be receiving a bag of activities and goodies. As far as the adults go, we've decided to purchase enough CDs per couple or individual attending to take home as a favor. There are going to be plenty of sweets in addition to cake, so we figured there's no need to add an edible favor. Also, as favors aren't required, we aren't too worried about the folks who don't like Roy Orbison. I have been to a few weddings where there were no favors, and I didn't even notice! I've also been to a few weddings where I forgot to even take home my favor. We're not too worried about having extras. We can sell any leftover after the wedding on Ebay.
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