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Gift Registry

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Is it rude to not have a gift registry? Is it rude to have one? This was a discussion I was having earlier with someone. We don't have one, and I don't think it's rude either way.

Re: Gift Registry

  • I am of two minds on this topic.

    We had a registry (4, actually! Large shower and wedding though), and like many people, I would log into often and see gifts being purchased. This behavior however, is not the greatest. We went to stores, picked out items knowing that our friends and family would purchase them. Pretty tacky when you think about it.

    On the flip side - we knew that our friends and family would purchase gifts. This way, they have an idea of what we need and information about our style.  This does make gift giving a lot easier, and they don't need to buy off the registry anyway if they don't want to.

    It's self-centered and rude in that respect, but it is also very helpful and super fun.

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  • I think a registry is the same as asking someone what they want for their birthday.  It's customary to give gifts for those occasions and knowing what someone wants and could use is always helpful. 
  • I don't believe that it is rude either way. Wedding gift registries are pretty standard, and most people like being able to buy something off of a registry so that they know it is something that the couple will want. But I see no problem with choosing to not create a registry either.

    FI and I chose not to do a registry. We've lived together for years and already have enough stuff. There are a few things we could have upgraded, sure, but we didn't really care to (and we only found a handful of things we would actually want anyway). We would much rather have money toward our honeymoon.
    When anybody asks, we use the "We chose not to do a registry, but we are saving up for XYZ." We've had a lot of responses like "Soo, you want money then? Why not just say that in the first place?" Haha.
  • I don't think it is rude either way. It is a helpful guide - but I also understand if people don't want to have one.

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  • I don't think registry culture is rude. It is the best way to get the things what we really want from our dear ones. Although it has some etiquette  which you should follow.  The price range of gifts and gift items must be chosen correctly. Always registry for  those things which are really needed by you. Do not put repeated items. I think one should go for an online registry rather than the traditional one as they are easily accessible by you and also by the guest. here are some wedding registry etiquette.

  • I agree with others that having one helps guests pick out a gift for you. I know when I have gone to weddings I would rather get something off their registry that I know they like, and will use, as opposed to taking a stab in the dark. Not registering will probably will just result in more money/gift cards which is never a bad thing. I have seen people register for all kinds of things in all price ranges, and I don't find that offensive. If people don't want to buy it for you or can't afford it, they are not obligated to purchase something off the registry. They simply will pick something in their price range or give money/gift cards instead.
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