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Outdoor or Destination Wedding???

I have a girlfriend who is getting married soon and I'm helping her plan it... she cannot decide between an outdoor wedding in her own backyard or a destination wedding ... ??? Thoughts & opinons ??? Price - which would be cheaper ??? 

Re: Outdoor or Destination Wedding???

  • There's so not enough info here, and those are two totally different options with different feels. Destination wedding where? What's the guest list for each? Fewer people will probably attend the destination wedding because it's probably more expensive for them.

    We had a backyard wedding that was pretty cheap, mainly because we did a lot ourselves and chose an inexpensive food option (pig roast). Just remember that you need to hire everything: caterer, tables and chairs, dishes, tent, DJ, photographer, etc. You'll probably need to rent toilets because the average home septic system can't handle that many flushes. Where will people park? What's the plan if it rains? If you'll be partying into the evening, how will you light everything? What are you giong to do about liquor and the associated liability?
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