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To Do Thursday (yes, I'm late)

What's on your to do list both WR and NWR? Go!
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Re: To Do Thursday (yes, I'm late)

  • WR - Get Save the Dates addressed and sent out. FI still needs to make 'what does this mean' information sheet to go with them. It's a destination wedding, and the hotel block is limited, so we need to get them out early. 

    NWR - Take a nap, I kid you not. I am so exhausted from work and we just moved. My mom was here over the holidays and it was nice to have the help, but now it all looks so daunting. FI's niece's birthday party is Sunday and his dad gets back from being gone all summer (ahhhh, retired life), so we will be busy with all of that. 
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  • Since I missed this, here's my Friday to-do:

    Nothing wedding related
    Do my Greek homework (done!)
    Do some Latin homework
    Table at a co-curricular fair
    Party at the Catholic Honor House (and by party, I mean ice cream and board games, woohoo!)
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  • We cancelled the crappy DJ and videographer group we hired and hired a better DJ and videographer. No real big wedding stuff to worry about or book taking it easy for the next few weeks while I study to get some licenses for my promotion.


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    WR: 1st payment for photobooth, re-check guest list, hunt for centerpieces, meet with the local priest tonight
    NWR: Translate German documents for work, clean, make dinner
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  • I have about 100 more napkin rings to make, but it looks like I'm almost finished with my topiaries --just waiting for the paint to dry. I also may have found our photographer, which only leaves the cake/dessert vendor (woohoo!).
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