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Date Officially Set! 9/7/14

Hi Everyone!

I just started looking at this board yesterday because we were only 1 step away from securing our date and now I can officially make a post about it haha! We put our deposit down at the Reception Venue and the Church is all booked as well for Sunday, 9/7/14! We couldn't be more excited!

Our reception is going to be on Cape Cod in a Tent on the Beach near where I grew up - actually when my FI and I dated the first time (back when we were like 14-15) we used to photobomb the weddings on that beach before photobombing was a thing lol! I can only hope karma gets us good and there's a couple wise-a$$ kids in the background :)

How is everyone's planning going? I feel like I have it under control but I'm sure I am not thinking of everything and will be overwhelmed quickly but I guess that's why this board is here!

Best of luck to everyone and I am excited to officially be a part of this group! Have a great weekend all!


Re: Date Officially Set! 9/7/14

  • Welcome and congrats!! I can't wait to see a photo bombed picture or two next year at this time. hehe

    Our planning is going pretty well. I feel overwhelmed simply because there is SO MUCH to think about. I think I'll feel better once we have all of the "big things" booked. Right now we have our venue & caterer booked. We have a photographer and DJ in mind but just need to formally meet with them to put down the deposit. Luckily for me, I have a fiance who is actually happy to be pretty involved in the planning process, so that helps a lot!

    Good luck and happy planning!
  • That's great! When are you getting married?

    One of our best friends' mother is a florist so she has offered to do the flowers as her wedding gift - my other friend is a DJ and Greek to boot so he will be teaching my side of the family all the Greek Dances - and another friend is going to make our wedding cake (or cupcakes - we haven't decided).

    Other than that I guess we just need a photographer since the venue does all their own catering.


  • Congrats! We just set our date for 9/19/14. I can't believe it's a year away! Happy Planning.
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  • Congrats!  My date is 9/6/14 :)  I'm crazy about planning...already booked our venu/food, baker, photographer, DJ, ceremony musician, invitations and save the dates and working on flower proposals...I think I'll have all the big things booked by Mid October, so early, but I'm n Chicago and I wanted first choice for vendors so wanted to book early!!  Am I the only one who is obssessed with planning, pinterest all day long and night, etsy stalking for jewelry and ideas...Can't wait for this next year to fly by!!
  • Thanks Couggal and congrats to you too!

    Wow Starprincess you are pretty much done! :) When out of curiousity are you planning to send out Save the Dates? I am wondering if that should be my next tast and how much time I had. I saw this thing on pintrest where you can make your own scratch ticket type thing and I totally want to have that for the STD's (geez the save the date shortcut gets me everytime!)

  • ccgreek, I'm also wondering when to send out STDs. We're getting our engagement pictures done next month and I'm hoping to use pictures from that. Our photographer said we'd have them back within 4 weeks so I'm thinking of ordering them in November and sending them in January. Or is that overzealous? Lol. I've seen the scratch ticket idea on Pinterest too, great idea!
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  • Congrats!
    I too have set a date in Sept 2014, but so far no cigar on the venue.
    I hope we find a place soon so thats one less thing to think about.

    I def get wrapped up in pinterest as well...theknot, and many pretty things when it comes to wedding.
  • @Linnn - what's PW? (not that I need another wedding addiction haha)

    @Couggal12 - I was sort of thinking the same thing - January. After the holidays and enough time for people to plan. Since our wedding is the weekend after Labor Day my FMIL pointed out that a lot of people may need time to plan since a lot of people typically go away Labor Day and will have to choose when to take time off (Most of Fiance's family is from out of state).

  • @ccgreekwed project wedding lol sorry abt that!
  • @ccgreekwed Also not sure about you but, we are having a bunch of out of town family so I just figure the earlier they know, the better they can plan. Glad we're on the same page about January!
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  • @linnn - thanks! I will have to look into that haha i am still trying to get used to all the acronyms!

    @Couggal12 - the more I think about it the more I think January is fine - after the holiday rush and plenty of time for ppl to make their plans! :)

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