Cranberry & Burnt Orange

My BM are wearing cranberry colored dresses. My fiance wants his GM to wear a burnt orange color (Ties). My BM will have a fall bouquets (oranges, reds, yellows). I was thinking for the GM to wear a burnt orange color ties but i am not sure what color vest to put them in, nor am I totally sure if that would even look nice. Is that to many colors in my wedding? Cranberry dresses, burnt orange ties, & a vest with an undecided color?

Re: Cranberry & Burnt Orange

  • I think it sounds nice. What color is your dress? An ivory vest would look nice with those colors.
  • It is lace ivory color.
  • I wouldn't do a vest at all, personally. I think your plan/color scheme sounds nice sans vest. 

  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    If you do vest, make it the color of the suit/tux they're wearing. Color combo sounds nice.

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Definitely not too many colors.  When I worked in a florist that color combo was very big a few years ago and I always loved it so I am glad to see it being used again.

    I think a black vest would be very nice.

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    I agree with PPs. I would do either no vest, black vest, white vest or the same color as the ties. Although to me, that looks a little prom-ish, but it wouldn't be "too much" by any means.

    I love the color combo! :)

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  • In reading this, it sounds like he might only be wearing a vest and no jacket. OP, is that the deal? If so, I think a medium or dark gray would look great. 

    And that color combo sounds awesome!
  • He wants a jacket for sure. I tried to push for no jacket and only vests, but he didn't like that. Black suits, I will run it by him about the vest color or no vest at all. Thank you to all with your opinions, it really helped. I was so uneasy about the cranberry dresses without matching ties but I feel a lot better now about it.
  • Dark gray would be lovely too. Your color scheme sounds beautiful.

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    Either in the burnt orange, cranberry, or the color of the tux.
  • I agree with PPs on no vest.
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