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Frustrated with my travel agent

Anyone have this problem? Our travel agent promised us she would find hotels with a range of price points for our guests, and now says there's nothing below €250/night. There's plenty. It just might be a two-star hotel, which is fine with us, but not with her company.

The problem is (besides giving her a $200 deposit toward the honeymoon) that I've tried emailing the hotels I've found to request room blocks, and none of them have gotten back to me. That's why we hired her. Anyone have any advice for dealing with this? The save the dates are going out at the end of the week, and I want at least some hotel info on our website for people to check out.

Re: Frustrated with my travel agent

  • That is frustrating and I don't have specific advice re: the travel agent. (Opinion: she should do what you--the client--are asking for/paying for!)

    As for the wording maybe you could work on some generic wording about working on room blocks and give suggestion as to places you are working with/would recommend with the promise the that final  information will be updated on the website as soon as you receive it.. (We did this for one of our properties and I think it came across fine)
  • The reason that most agents don't work with 2 star hotels, especially for weddings, is because they can often times not be quite up to par with what they want their business to be associated with. The agent can't control pricing, but she should have told you upfront that they won't work with anything below 3 star. She wants her clients to be happy with their choices and get top service and attention and often times, two star places won't live up to that. It sounds like your wedding is still a ways off, so I recommend what mmm said about the save the dates. Right now, it's just making sure your guests know when the wedding will take place. Maybe you can even give them a destination. You can always say *specific details to follow * as people know it takes time to iron things out. Also, since it's probably a ways out, hotels are bound to offer specials. I'd wait a month or so o see what happens.


  • Thanks you guys. The issue is more about us being told before we put the deposit down that they would always be available to us, and that they could give us options in every price range. It's been over a month, and we've only received one hotel's information. That's terrible business no matter how you slice it.

    Since the StDs are already printed, the website has a message under the hotel tab that gives a few links to hotels around our apartment, and then says that we haven't hammered out details, but if you want to look at booking early, let us know and we can help.
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