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What color shoes for lt gold/ivory dress?


I need help finding shoes for my Allure 8634, in lt gold/ivory. I am at a total loss for what color shoes to wear with this dress -- The dress is gold satin with ivory lace over top. Do I wear darker gold shoes? My wedding is a vintage theme with pinks, neutrals, teals/blues, but all in a muted palette.

Re: What color shoes for lt gold/ivory dress?

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    You could wear gold or champagne coloured shoes, ivory shoes, or blue as your "something blue".  I think any of those would look fine.
  • pretty dress (i had to google it.)  I think I would go with golden slippers (or heels). but agree with all the suggestions of the post above.  if teal/blue is one of your colors, that would be really nice also.
  • I think a matching gold or a lace ivory shoe would be best match
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