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Big Day Tomorrow

It's not THE big day (I still have 48 days to go!) but it's a very exciting day. I'm moving into the place where my FI and I will live after the wedding. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but I'm hoping it dries up, so that everyone can stay dry, and safe. So that is one of my prayers tonight. I'm also praying my back feels better, as I fell down a half a flight of stairs, because of the rain, earlier today. Thankfully theirs not any outside stairs for this move! I have some last minute packing to do, so I should get off the computer and to it, just can't quite find the motivation. How is everyone else's weekend? Did you do or are you planning anything exciting?


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Re: Big Day Tomorrow

  • How exciting, flutterfly88! Hope everything went smoothly and your back hasn't bothered you too much.
    elBecko, feel better soon! My allergies have been awful lately, but the last day or two I've been wondering if it's turning into a cold...

    I went bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday with two of my girls. My sister went and tried a bunch on last week. I think we found one; I just need to have the last girl go and try it on sometime to make sure (all 4 of my bridesmaids live in a different state).

    Today has been a rainy, yucky day. I spent a couple hours cleaning my classroom; now I'm just laying around, playing on the computer and watching football. My fiance is driving back to school from going back home for his nephew's baptism, so we don't get to have our usual Sunday evening Skype time. :(
  • Hope the move went well! My fiance will be moving into our place in January.

    Saturday we went apple picking with my fiance's sister, her husband and their 3 kids. Then we used the apples for apple crisp which we shared with our community group from church. It was a big hit.

    Today we had church and lunch at Red Lobster. Then we finished our registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I'm so happy we got that done. Big check mark off my list.

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  • We're under a month away, finally!

    I moved into our place two weeks ago, and I'm still unpacking. Sigh.... I feel like we'll never be fully unpacked, haha. Yesterday I went and bought all of the furniture for our bedroom from IKEA, and it will all get delivered on the 15th! Yay!

    This morning I went to a new church, and it was an experience. I can't make any final decisions about it yet, because I want FH to attend with me before we decide. It was unlike any other service I have been to, so, we'll see what happens.
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    @alisonmarie658 since you insist....

    Normally I attend a non-denom church. This one is a Wesleyan church, and after talking with FFIL about it (he has helped me make my church location decisions with every move so far), we agreed FH & I should at least give it a shot. It's a bigger church, so they have a lot of ministry and serving opportunities. 

    To the best of my knowledge, Wesleyan congregations are... reserved? Not overly expressive? (ETA: please, correct me if I'm wrong.) Not the case with this one. One of the women in the congregation had a tambourine - and from what I could tell - no one seemed to think it was out of place. The pastor who spoke was extremely expressive - which can be good for some people. His face was red nearly the entire sermon.

    The last thing I remember is that I don't remember anything about the sermon. Now, I know that the "awe-inspiring" sermons are few & far between, but I tend to remember at least something beneficial from what the pastor said when I am talking to FH about it. (not word-for-word, but general ideas.) Not so with this case. A day later and all I can remember was he had a mortgage application and a kid leash on stage with him as visual aides.
  • I had a wonderful weekend!  One of my best friends got married, and I was a bridesmaid.  We had bachelorette festivities on Thursday, the rehearsal on Friday, then the wedding on Saturday, so I got to spend a long weekend with lots of college friends.  DH's Friday flight was cancelled so he didn't make it, but everyone understood.  I got to hang out with one of my friends (also a BM, so we were pretty much joined at the hip this weekend :D) I hadn't seen in 6 years since she'd been out of the country, and I got to meet her BF.  This was the best wedding I've been to, other than my own. :)  I'm so incredibly happy for them.
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  • We spent some time with my family on Saturday, and then headed down to NC to visit the church where DH did his internship.  They asked him to preach for their Youth Sunday.  I loved hearing him preach again.  :)  
  • So the move went well, we've got all my stuff here, and we can keep slowly moving FI's stuff in. My back is feeling so much better, and everyone we had helping was great about making sure I didn't do too much. Now to unpack what feels like HUNDREDS of boxes, and figure out where we want everything to go.


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  • Glad the move went well and you are feeling better!
  • hope the move went well!
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  • Thanks @ash61612. It did, and now I'm almost completely settled in. Just a handful of boxes to unpack and pictures to hang. :)


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