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KGs - What's up with the quote boxes. I've noticed lately that I keep getting stuck in the quote boxes and to get out, I'll click on "Community", go back to whatever thread I was on and try it again. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Is tech working on this issue? It seems a lot of people have been having problems with it. When you get stuck in the quote box, the person's name who you're trying to quote doesn't show up. It seems to be happening more frequently lately. FWIW, I'm always using Google Chrome as my browser. Don't know if that info helps or makes a difference.

Super frustrating!! 


Re: Quoting / Quote Boxes

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    Same problem. FWIW, I always use Google Chrome, and auto-update to the newest version. I'm on Version 29 right now.
  • I use Firefox and it happens to me all the time.
  • I have this issue all the time as well. I work around it by clicking the little button on the second row (for me at least) that looks like a piece of paper with <> on it and says "Show Source" if you hover over it. Click that and you'll end up looking at the html code of the post you're working on and you'll see it's all surrounded by a beginning and ending 'blockquote' tag.

    Just type something outside of the ending blockquote and then turn show source back off and you'll have the quoted stuff properly quoted and be able to continue typing normally at that point.

    Of course it would be nice to have real forum software but XO Group seems to be invested into the broken stuff they're using on this site, or the company that pushes it.

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  • Just to add in, I use internet Explorer and have that problem also!
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