Wine decanter's / pitchers..

Looking for glass jugs, pitchers or decanters for wine on tables at the wedding reception.  Want them all to match and not looking to spend more than $5 max each.  I will probably need about 20-30 of them - anyone have ideas where to get them?

Doing this to hopefully save money on the wine by going with the 16 L "boxes" from Magnotta and filling the decanters instead of bottled wine. 

Re: Wine decanter's / pitchers..

  • Good luck - cheapest ones I've seen are $10.  Why not try making your own wine instead?  Check out the Wine Butler.  Or consider buying cases of bottles of wine from some of the wineries in Niagara County - you'll save more money that way and won't have to worry about buying decanters. 

    Secondly, you don't want to put wine in a pitcher or's bad for the wine and too much oxidation.
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