Looking for Bridal rhinestones/trimming/applique in toronto

Hi everyone... i'm about to say yes to the dress and its perfect except I'd like to add some trimming to the bust area and down the corset.  The store sells these rhinestone type straps or applique that can be applied easily by a seamstress but they cost 200 each and i'd need 2 or 4 to do this.  I hope someone here has a suggestion for me on where I can buy this type of trimming here in Toronto.  I hope to hear back soon.

Re: Looking for Bridal rhinestones/trimming/applique in toronto

  • Are you still looking for them?
  • Yes, do you have any ideas?
  • I got my trimming (it will become a sewed in belt on my gown) on Queen West. There are several fabric stores there and also a bridal supply store called Sussmans.

    I originally went to look in Sussmans but actually found more selection at a fabric store a few doors west of them.

    They are located on Queen a few blocks west of Spadina I believe but you can google Sussmans for their exact address.

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  • I went to a store near Sussmans as well.  I'll be headed back for brooches and appliques once my dress comes back from the seamstress.

    If you're looking for just beads and a few applique's try John Bead Outlet, they are near the Warden/Eglinton area.
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