Crazy cold wedding

Okay, I went to a wedding last night, most of it outside.  It was COLD....listen up ladies, if you are planning a fall wedding then please please please make sure you have heaters or a big big firepit.  It was SO cold after 7:00.  Fancy wedding and I loved the setting and the outdoorness but I would have loved some warmth.  I hope this makes sense for someone planning a late fall wedding.  
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Re: Crazy cold wedding

  • My wedding was in May, but we got an abnormally cold day. The wedding was in a barn, and we didn't turn on the heat, so the beginning of the evening was chilly before people started dancing. So, my mom's friend went to IKEA that morning and bought 20 fleece blankets. I believe they were $2 each. Then she rolled them, tied them with a bow, and put them in a basket that said Warm Wishes. All of the guests that were cold put the blankets around them until they started dancing and warmed up! I thought it was such a cute idea! I had no idea that had bought the blankets until half way thought he wedding. Thought I would share for anyone that may experience a brisk outdoor (or barn!) wedding.
  • The blanket idea could work if they're there for guests as they arrive but keeping the guests comfortable without needing blankets should be possible. Why not rent heaters or look into options of having it inside?

    I just don't see the fun in making guests grumpy.
  • There is nothing worse than being cold at a wedding. I spent the entire cocktail hour of the last wedding we went to in our hotel room waiting for dinner to start because the cocktail hour was outside and it was freezing. If we didn't have a room for me to go to I would have been miserable. I don't is about anyone else but I would like people to be comfortable and not need tons of layers...I'd say heaters or stay inside....
  • lol.  I agree with you. I also want to add that I been on wedding were they only have a few chairs at the ceremony and you have to be standing.  I don't mind if the ceremony is 15min but the one I attended was about 45min. - out and hot!
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