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Beauty Help

So, I am 5 days away from my wedding and my face has decided to do something crazy. I live in Southern California and we are experiencing high winds right now, but I haven't really been outside much. About 2 days ago my face felt sooo dry, so I have done nothing but drink tons of water and apply and reapply moisturizer. Parts of my face are now peeling. I don't know what to do! I have been using the Clarisonic for about 2 months now, so I keep exfoliating. I have even kept using it the last couple days to help get the dry skin off. I'm terrified that my face will be all red and patchy/peeling for Saturday.

Any suggestions?? I'm willing to try almost anything!

Re: Beauty Help

  • I can offer some potential help, I've had a similar problem from time to time when I over-use cleansers on my face; then the moisturizers end up perpetuating the problem - some of those lotions and creams can make irritated skin much worse rather than helping!  Don't use anything primarily petroleum-based if you can help it, sometimes that can instigate more peeling.  I suggest: NIVEA CREME.  This stuff works wonderfully for dry and irritated skin.  Cheap at the drugstore too.  Also, sometimes when my skin is 'overworked' a clay face mask does wonders to kind of reset my skin's moisture balance and texture, so I wonder if that might help you too. 

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  • Lotions and face washes all contain chemicals and crap that, even if they say they are "moisturizing," just ruin and dry out your face.

    I know, this might sound totally hippie, but I used to be extremely psycho about face wash and paranoid about all my acne issues and my uneven skin and I swear this is the best thing I've ever done.

    About six months ago, I started only using natural oils to wash my face. I use a mix of castor (healing and cleansing properties) and almond oil (moisturizing). The castor keeps my face clean and clears and the almond moisturizes. I never break out (maybe one or two a month) and my face is smooth, soft, and never dry.

    I know it might not be the smartest to completely change your skincare routine 5 days before your wedding, but maybe consider using something natural like almond or olive oil once or twice to repair and moisturize at night? If you spend time massaging it in, it will naturally exfoliate and moisturize your face really well.

  • You could be over-exfoliating.  According to my MUA, when you exfoliate you also strip away the oils in your skin which help protect it.  I was having the same issue as you.  She recommended I exfoliate only every 3-4 days.  It has done wonders.
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  • Oh I thought of something else, may or may not work - but silicone-based lotions are fantastic too; even things like after-tan lotions and the sort of stuff you can find at tanning salons, and I think there are some good brands at drugstores too.  Those lotions may be something to look into; depending on what you know about your own skin, I know everybody's different with those.

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