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Eloping first, partying later

My fiance and I are planning to elope abroad. It'll be just the two of us, the officiant, and whatever witnesses we find. We are going to have a cocktail reception at home later on in the year. Do you think it'll be weird if I wear my wedding dress again for the cocktail reception? It's not ultra poofy or fancy, but there is a lace overlay. I wanted to wear it so that we could take family photos. 

Re: Eloping first, partying later

  • I'm going the exact same route. At first, I wasn't going to wear the dress again but I figured, why not? Who says there are rules for that? I've never spent so much money on a single article of clothing; I'm wearing it as much as possible! That being said, mine isn't super poofy either, more of a sundress but yes, I'm wearing mine for the post-elopement party.
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    There's a sticky note on the Etiquette board regarding this.  I strongly suggest you check it out here for some opinions.  

    IMO, as long as your guests know you're already married (ie: they're not expecting to witness a wedding), it's okay to have a party, but I wouldn't call it a wedding reception. A wedding reception is a party to thank your guests for witnessing your wedding.  Since your guests won't be attending your actual wedding, what you're having is just a party. I wouldn't wear a bridal gown because you're only a bride on your wedding day.
  • Thanks for the input. My friends already know that we are eloping and there will only be a cocktail party, and not a wedding reception. I'm not sending out formal invitations or setting up a registry. I wanted to wear my dress again because it's a lot of dough for just one day!
  • I wouldn't side eye someone wearing their dress again at an at home reception. Wedding dresses are usually expensive, my mind boggles at what the average price is for a dress that is worn once and then shoved in the back of a closet. Wear it if you want!
  • I think if you're having a casual party, it's fine. You're dress isn't over the top either. If I were to wear my dress, people's minds would boggle.
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    My opinion ~ I want to see the wedding dress - even if I'm not seeing the actual wedding. I think your dress is beautiful and you could wear it again at your cocktail party. It's not a big poofy princess ball gown. It would be appropriate for a formal dinner or gala if you shorten or loose the train - so I think you're good to go in it!
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  • Thanks guys! I will definitely take you up on the suggestions to word the invitation carefully and call it a cocktail party instead of a cocktail reception. Maybe use a heading that says we've eloped already, so it's clear. We're not getting fancy invitations - I was thinking of maybe one of those invitations that look almost like a postcard inside an envelope.

    I did see the Etiquette board. A lot of opinions out there! 
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