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Day of snack?

The day of my wedding I am not starving myself. Does anyone have suggestions on things to eat that are not messy? Ceremony at 1:30 the reception starts at 2:30.

Re: Day of snack?

  • One of my friends wrapped up some turkey cold cuts with cheese and had some raw veggies and pretzels-no dressings, she had the veggies and pretzels in bags and it worked wel with no mess!
  • I like this idea, thank you.
  • Before I put my dress on, I ate whatever (didn't starve myself either). After I put my dress on, I stuck to almonds, cashews, dried cherries and other dried fruit. It wasn't messy and I could pop it in my mouth without screwing up my make-up.

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    For my wedding we had bagels at my house while we were getting ready and then when we got to the venue they provided us with drinks, veggies, cheese, crackers, and fruit.

    I ate a bagel because Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera are the shit!  But once down at the venue I ate a few carrots but by that point I was getting nervous/excited so I wasn't hungry at all.

  • My wedding day was warm and my mouth was kind of dry.  A fruit smoothie was the perfect snack for me plus no mess just drinking through a straw.  A milkshake would have also been nice.

  • We got a sandwich tray and a cheese tray from a deli (for myself and bridesmaids). 

    With that start time, you should be ok to eat a good breakfast and a decent snack. Try going for something with protein and/or fiber that will keep you fuller longer. 
  • pretzels are always a good snack so no mess left on your fingers. I got two large mini sandwich trays to eat before & on limo for whole bridal party. They were like mini dinner rolls w/cold cuts & cheese but no sauces (mayo, mustard, etc). What was nice with them is they were easy to grab without plates and you were done eating it in 2-3 bites. They were a HUGE hit.


  • I stocked up on those Be Kind fruit and nut bars. They're just dried fruit and nuts. I like them because they have a ton of protein, so I feel full longer. And they don't have crumbs or anything.
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