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How much time off from work for a wedding year?

I just got engaged this week, and would love to have my wedding in October 2014. However, we already have an extended family trip booked for 2014 that takes up 2 weeks of our PTO. This leaves us with 2 weeks of PTO each for all of 2014: wedding planning, wedding itself (I'd rather not work the day up to the wedding), and honeymoon. Not to mention if either of us gets sick, needs to take a day off for doctor's appointment, travel for other weddings (we already have 4 to attend next year, one of which is on a Friday), etc. Is 2 weeks (10 business days) off work enough time for a wedding year?

I realize we could defer the honeymoon until 2015, but in this thread I'm asking as if we are having it right after the wedding.

Thank you.

Re: How much time off from work for a wedding year?

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     Congratulations on your engagement! You're in for a busy, fun, & great year of planning! :)

     If you are left with 10 PTO days, I would set aside 3 of those days, for sick/unexpected time off. (I would think that 3 sick days for the year, is enough time, 'just incase'). So that leaves you with 7 days. If you get weekends off anyways, that would make this a whole lot easier! If your wedding is on a Saturday, then that weekend won't count towards your paid days off. You could take Friday off, leave for your HM Monday, be back the following Monday, and return to work, Tuesday. That takes up exactly 7 work days. You get one day before the wedding off, & a whole week for your honeymoon. If you don't get weekends off, this may be a bit trickier! I would assume, regardless, you're going to want the day before your wedding off. So, again, just move the days. It just won't be quite as long, as it won't include the weekends as extra, but you still get the honeymoon, right away. You could take Friday off, leave for your HM Sunday, return back Thursday, and be back to work Friday. That would give you the day before your wedding off, the wedding of course, and a 5 day HM. (If you include Sunday). This would be a much more rushed option, but it would work! 

    Good luck to you, & congrats again!

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