What is your wedding budget

Just wondering how much is everyone planning on spending on their wedding.  

1) Less than 20,000
2) 20,000 - 30,000
3) 30,000 - 40,000
4) 40,000 +

Re: What is your wedding budget

  • 1 - and trying to plan something nice and inexpensive is near impossible!!!
  • 3/4.  Finding it impossible NOT to be in these categories!!
  • Really hoping for 2.... But everything is so pricey!
  • 1. Luckily, we've made some good choices and compromises and we seem to be on track to stay at that amount.
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  • 1- we're still in the pretty early stages, but so far so good. It also helps that my mother's gift to me is outfitting me for the day- dress, shoes, undergarments, hair etc.

  • 1 was the goal, (was hoping for like $17000), 2 was the reality (wound up being like $24000).
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    1 . 10k was our goal including our honeymoon and rings brought us to about 1300. and our wedding was beautiful, it felt great to hear how much fun people had and how beautiful they thought everything was as I did do a lot of DIY projects we also had 140 guests


    TTC starting 8/2014 :)

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  • 4. Our initial budget was 2. But....I've been dream planning this for years and I am having a hard time cutting back anywhere! However, we are paying for most of it ourselves so I figure if I am working hard for it then we deserve it!
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