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any one out there?


Re: any one out there?

  • Our wedding is 11/1/14, we're so excited!! It seems so far, but I know some girls who are trying to plan weddings sooner and are super stressed out. WE have the luxury of time! Congrats ladies :)

  • Another 11/1/14 bride here! We've got nothing at all planned, but we're graduating from college in 2 weeks so a few things are more important than a wedding over a year away! :P
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  • bdb05ibdb05i member
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    11-2-14 :-)
  • phiraphira Bahstin member
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    11-16-14. Our three-year anniversary.
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  • Hello Ladies and Congrats to us all!

    I got engaged on May 19th and we are planning a November 1st 2014 wedding. I love Fall weather  and not to mention it gives us time to save.

    I literally don't know where to start! I know there is a ton to do but I'm still wondering where to kick start the planning - any suggestions would be awesome! 

  • We started by booking the ceremony and reception venue. I wanted to get these squared away so as not to loose my date! We have booked the photographer also for the same reason.
  • Date set for Nov 14, 2014...planning a wedding in Hawaii...however, no idea where to even start haha!
  • Congratulations Everyone!
    11-7-2014 here.  
  • That's sweet! We are planning for 11/15/2014... our 6 year anniversary!!
  • November 8, 2014 :) 
  • I'm getting married November 15, 2014. We booked the venue a couple weeks ago. I was initially looking at October 25 but the venue was booked. They only had 6 more weekends in 2014 when we booked. We are thinking about doing blush and grey for our colors. 
  • Yay! Some more 11-15-14 brides! We searched for almost a year for our venue but we finally found one that fit what we both love and fits into our shared vision for the wedding. It is awesome because we can bring in our own food, so we are hiring a caterer for dinner and my BIL's cousin for the dessert buffet, but we will do the apps for cocktail hour. The whole wedding is in the same location, which is a Masonic Lodge, but has a mansion attached, which is where our cocktail hour will be. During the reception, the venue staff will give tours of the mansion, and give the history of the house and how the Masons came to own the house.
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  • We're November 14, 2014! We initially thought of having a Hawaii destination wedding but the logistics didn't work out so we're planning in CT.
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  • Congrats to all the brides to be!!! We are getting married on 11/15/14 and we were shocked to find out that some of the venues we were interested in were already booked! We were lucky enough to find one that was still available that we love! The lady at that site said they start booking 13 months out so I wouldn't hold out too long if you can avoid it! It could be because the wedding will be in Florida so the weather should be pretty nice.....fingers crossed! 

    Happy planning to all of y'all!!! What an exciting time!
  • Hello ladies!

    We just decided on November 2014, we really wanted the 1st but I think the venue we want is booked that day, so now were hoping to get the 8th, going to see the venue this week with my dad and hopefully I can convince him to put a deposit down so we can secure the date! I bought my dress last week! I was thinking I was getting my dress just a little bit early, but by the looks of this board I'm not! Happy planning ladies!


  • We're getting married 11/15/14! I just wrote the check for the venue today. First big step is done, now I feel like I can start having fun. I have two dress appointments in January-- have to wait on my best friend to fly in. :-). We're getting married on the beach here in Florida and my colors are shades of blues and the ocean. Congrats, girls, and let's have fun with our planning!
  • Congrats to all!


    I am November 29, 2014 (Saturday after Thanksigiving).. we have the church and venue booked and just started researching potential vendors (photographer, DJs, florists) and just ordered our Save the Dates! We decided to get them out early since it is a holiday weekend.

  • We've booked the reception venue and caterer.  Our wedding is November 7, 2014.
  • 11/8/14 bride here!
    Me too! Twinsies! 

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  • Congrats everyone!  My date is 11/8/2014
  • prettysmile40prettysmile40 Wakefield, MA member
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    We are getting married on 11/15. It is a couple weeks after our two year anniversary and two day's before my sisters wedding. yay! Now we have to hope for decent weather here in the Boston area. 
  • Congrats everyone!

    I'm getting married November 2nd 2014
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  • jenbkcjenbkc member
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    Hi Everyone!

    Congratulations! I'm getting married on Nov. 29, 2014!
  • 11.8.14 Here as well!!
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