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Re-intro, hey, tons of things.

So, I posted awhile ago when the board was kind of dead, but now I see all these people, so hey, girls, hey!

I've been on TB for a few years and now I'm here. I've always dreamed about planning my wedding, but this sucks. I'll be honest. and I should have hired a planner.

Our date is 0927/14, we have a one year old, and we've been together 7 years. We got engaged in July, on my FI's birthday, which was so "selfless" of him, right? Pfttttt.

Anyways, I'm having trouble with colors. Oh my gosh. It's been stressing me out for weeks. We're going for a main color of purple with accents of brown or green...or both? I have three bridesmaids and no MOH (because there's no way to make one of them the MOH without a brawl), so I originally wanted two girls in one color, one in another, but then everyone will be all like, "Why is she special?!" so, forget that.

So, I have no clue what to do for colors...or tuxes...or colors of napkins v. sashes. If you feel like sharing your ideas, go for it.

Oh and is anyone else NOT hiring a DJ? FI has this genius idea to do an iPod playlist. I've been to a few weddings that have brilliantly pulled it off and I've read a few blogs, but the ish makes me nervous.

Re: Re-intro, hey, tons of things.

  • We are using an iPod. It just doesn't seem worth the money to me at this point to get a DJ when we can use it on other things. If we had a bigger budget, I would probably consider it more. Our venue has a really nice sound system with an iPod hook up and the owner of the venue showed us how to do it. Also if you search apps, I think they have an app you can put on your phone/iPod called "Wedding DJ" or something close like that and you can plug in which song you want for your ceremony and reception and it'll play it during those moments. I haven't tried it yet but, if it works we may use it.

    As for colors, we chose what we liked the best. Do you go on Pinterest? They have great ideas when it comes to color schemes. I would search Purple, Brown, and Green (like you mentioned above) and go from there.

    Try not to stress too much :) and happy planning!
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  • We are not hiring a DJ either.  We went out and did some pricing and couldn't justify spending that much.  We are having an evening wedding-7pm-so after dinner and drinks, there really would be no use to having a dance if we have to wrap it up by midnight.  Our venue doesn't have the greatest of sound system, so we need to start looking in to rental companies to rent one.  *fingers crossed*

    I picked my colors based upon some of the things I've seen on pinterest.  In fact, I think a lot of my decoration ideas have come from pinterest.  We chose blush and light blue as our colors, with light brown worked in there to match the "fall" season--9/6/14 is our date--borderline summer/fall-at least in Nebraska!  I've seen a few things on etsy as well that have given me great ideas on how to make some of the decorations ourselves.  I'd check those out and hopefully they can help you narrow it down! :) 

  • The only reason we are hiring a DJ is because it comes with a package (limo, DJ, outdoor ceremony, flowers for ceremony for $2300. DJs alone around here ask $2000!).
    Definitely check out Pinterest boards of those colors - great ideas there
  • Girl, hire a planner!  It's not too late.  In all seriousness, if your wedding is making you stressed to the point of being unhappy it's worth it, even if you have to give something else up.  

    As far as colors go, you don't have to choose theme colors if you don't want to.  Just start looking for some BM dresses that you like and go from there.  Also, check with your venue to see what kinds of linens they might already have.  There's no point in going out to rent green napkins if you're not even sure you want them.  The venue might have some table linens or sashes that you fall in love with.  
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  • If you are looking at those three colors, and wanted a variety in the BM dresses, put each of them in a different color. I think it is incredibly unique when it comes to that. Just match up the guy's vest/tie with the girl he is walking with.

    As far as sashes go: our venue is providing us with linens, napkins and chair covers (all white), so I purchased my chair sashes in my color from eBay. To rent them would have cost me $1/ea. while buying them, I paid $.74/ea. with the opportunity to resell for at least half.
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