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August 2014 Weddings

Camo Vest? Browns and orange to go with?

We are having our ceremony outside in a backyard, I would like to base the "theme" to - a heart with our initials carved in a tree/outdoors/woods - .. That being said my fiancé wants to wear camo and a vest would be more than enough. I am leaning toward brown and orange (he is a hunter) - orange flowers... Would different shades of brown as bridesmaid dresses work well with bouquet that has some orange? Any advice/pictures would be great! I'm stuck trying to keep it "summery" Thanks!

Re: Camo Vest? Browns and orange to go with?

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    I....got nothing. Nothing goes with camo, IMHO...including a wedding.

    But that's just me. image
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  • Just not be from the bush like we are :) Whatever floats your boat, right?
  • If you want summery I wouldn't do brown dresses...but hints of brown are okay.  I think you could run with the green palette.  I'm not a fan of camo at a wedding but its your day and you know how your friends/family will feel about it.

    Good Luck and Happy Planning.

  • Hey! Your theme is very similar to ours! My fiance and his groomsman are wearing camo vests! Also an outdoor ceremomy. For us we have the colors of watermelon pink & camo! Actually a very cute combo & lots of stuff from etsy! I got a pink/camo garter, card box, ring bearer pillow, etc. My girls are wearing shorter dresses with cowgirl boots lol.

     I think between the 2 colors you are going for, I wouln't use the brown. Orange depends on the shade. I was recently at a wedding with camo and hunter green. Honestly, it's up to you. Brown though, i'm iffy on.
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