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So far.......

I am beginning to become overwhelmed because I am planning my wedding that is in Ohio from Pennsylvania.  So far I have paid deposits on my ceremony/reception venue, and caterer.

Here are my thoughts for the wedding, please give me feedback!
It is a small wedding that is mainly family and our best friends (max 75 guest, probably 50ish), for the rehearsal dinner we will be having pizza or snacky foods at my parents lodge on the property.

For the main day, we am leaning towards getting married at 1230.  The reception will start at 130 and we will be serving BBQ type lunch with beer/wine for alcohol options. I am on the fence with wheater to do a DJ or not.  We are not doing a lot of the traditional reception things, so I can't justify the expense of the DJ when the reception hall has a sound system that we can plug our IPOD into for music.

We will have the reception hall till roughly 5.  After that, everyone can change who is staying on property (a total of 3 cabins and 2 lodges).  Then I was planning on having a big bonfire to just hang out. 

What is everyone's thoughts?

Re: So far.......

  • I think that sounds awesome! I think I would make a playlist and just use my Ipod as well. the dancing at receptions seems to vary but everyone loves to chit chat and hang out so in my opinion, it sounds like a wonderful plan :)
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