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How quickly...Timeline inquiry?

Hello hello!

I am newly (and not so newly, since its already been over 2 months) engaged. I am one of those girls who never envisioned her wedding and is just now realizing ALL the details involved! So here is my question... am I slacking? We are still trying to decide on a venue, which really decides our date. Ideally we want our date to be 9-19-15, so we have TIME but I am wondering how far behind the ball I am? 

I am correct to be aiming for venue (& date) then photographer for now? then I can relax a bit until spring time or do I need to jump on planning a bit more? 
Please help this clueless bride! :) 

Re: How quickly...Timeline inquiry?

  • It depends on your area and how much you care about venue/photog. If you're in a high-demand area and you REALLY want a certain venue/photog, then go ahead and book them now. If not, I think you're fine on time. Relax 'til Spring and then get in gear.

    Your very first step should be setting a budget, though. Then you figure out a guest list. Between budget and guest list, you should figure out how many people you can afford to host and your per person cost. That per person cost will help you figure out what kind of venue you can afford and what size venue you need. These two things need to be done before you go venue hunting to ensure you can afford it and you have one that's not too big/too small. Good luck!!

  • Thank you @southernbell0915! I am in the Boston area, so things are high priced and cut throat, so I guess I should get on it more. Things that ARE done: Budget & guest list #'s roughly in order to determine where we can have our venue, then venue depends on when etc etc etc...its like a domino affect! 

    I have my eye on a particular venue, it's really just getting my mother on board. 
    I have my eye on a particular photog, which I am waiting on to determine our venue first.
    We have an idealistic date picked up, which, this venue can honor. 

    I hope the ball gets rolling soon even though I have so much time! 
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