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question.. is it worth it

Hey  question ya'll so I am getting my hair and make up done..

but I wanted to know if it worth it to pay the extra money for teh styles to come to me instead of me

going to her salon? I also ask that because my mom and one of my bridesmaids want their make up done as well?

Daisypath - (PNE7)

Re: question.. is it worth it

  • how far is hair and MUA from you?

    mine were 2 different people in 2 different locations, each about 20 minutes away and (in my head) I was like whatever, I can swing it, it's a short ride on the train, I'll be back in 3 hours. 

    Do a pros and cons list maybe?

    easier and get it out of the way ish if I go to them
    I don't have to wait around tapping my fingers for any service people
    get on with the rest of my day knowing that's done

    my nerves are already frazzled I'm not travelling anywhere
    my photographer won't be able to capture those moments for the album
    If I'm stuck in traffic, yeah I'm done and beat but now I'm frazzled about being late

    Which way are you leaning?


    sultryzulu you gotta weigh out the pros and cons for me to be able to sit and have them serve me hand and foot and i dont have to travel id rather pay the difference than to be running around Miami on NASCAR weekend trying to get this and that done in time for the wedding and getting all sweaty and messing up your hair and makeup

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

  • Hmmmm...I don't know.  I am thinking of having her come to my suite to do our hair.  I know that I planned to do my own makeup but now im thinking of hiring a MUA.  I would want her to come as well....to the suite.
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  • For me it was convienient to go get my hair done and then have my makeup done at the hotel..like the girls said you have to weigh the pros and cons.
  • cideficidefi
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    My hair will be braided so I don't need a hair stylist. But I plan on updo's for my girls and will have somebody come out for touch ups. My half sister is a makeup artist and she's doing everybody's makeup. She'll already be there cause she's in the wedding.
  • Pay the fee...the last thing you want to do is run around on your wedding day, plus you will have to add the travel time into your day which makes your day longer.


  • thanks ladies.. I just called the lad and told her  I would pay for the addition fee

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • LeciaB said:
    thanks ladies.. I just called the lad and told her  I would pay for the addition fee

    Guh, I asked my stylist to come to my suite the other day!  After I get my extentions installed next weekend, im gonna have the MUA do my trial so I will get to see full makeup and hair!  Yay!
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  • I admire all of you brides that have to plan weeks in advance for hair and makeup. Really, I'm not being facitious. When my sister married years ago, her and her bridesmaids went to the salon really early in the morning to get everything done all in one place. It helped ensure everyone was on time when they had to ride in the limo to the church.

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  • Hands down have the stylists come to you. I cannot even explain how much of a difference it makes! The last 2 weddings I was in and my own the stylists came to us. It was sooooo much easier to get dressed and do touchups and take those getting ready pictures. pay the fee!
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