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Funny Little Things

So the wedding day was perfect. I mean it wasn't perfect - but I wouldn't have it go any other way. It was perfect, because it was our wedding day! I have been meaning to make a list - there were just so many funny little things that happened that I want to remember forever! So here it is, I'm trying to make it in chronological order (I bolded the ones that are actually funny):
  • We ended up with a ton of time to kill after the salon, so me and 4 of my 5 bridesmaids ended up going to lunch at the same place I took them to lunch almost 8 months ago when we went dress shopping - we decided that was going to be 'our place'
  • We were driving to the ceremony after lunch and were following a truck and were taking bets on whether or not it was the chairs for the ceremony - it was!
  • When they were loading the chairs into the space they flipped the switch on a heater that was blowing 1000* air into the already hot space. Freak out trying to get that turned off!
  • Having to stand on a chair to hang my dress up on the wall for photos
  • Hanging up sheets on the doors so people couldn't see into the dressing room
  • Hanging out in the tiny dressing room, with my neice who started freaking out for no reason
  • Getting dressed and having 4 women all attacking the buttons on my dress at once
  • My Mother in Law walking in and seeing me and crying instantly and turning right back around - didn't say a word to me!
  • My Dad walking in and seeing me for the first time - also immediate tears
  • Getting the text from DH 'Fuck me running - a Tag!!!!' in response to opening his wedding gift (a Tag Heuer watch)
  • Waiting anxiously after an awkwardly long pause for my music to start so I could get down the aisle!
  • Shaking so much from nerves that my mom made a comment about it
  • Turning the aisle and seeing DH for the first time - my sharp intake of breath - almost a gasping/fighting tears/overwhelmed feeling of happiness
  • Having to walk DH through where we needed to stand/walk/follow our cues throughout the ENTIRE ceremony - like the rehearsal did nothing at all
  • Shaking so much I could barely hold the taper still to light the remembrance candle
  • Our friends walking in late - it shouldn't have been funny, but it just was!
  • Our ring bearer shouting 'I poop!' in the middle of the ceremony
  • Almost tipping the bench - multiple times - while taking our bridal party photos
  • Getting to the reception and immediately being told we were almost out of Jack (we had purchased 4 1.75L!!!)
  • Seeing DHs face when I showed him his surprise zombie groomscake with the cake toppers/zombies looking like us and the groomsmen
  • Scarfing the appetizers I told them to save for me
  • How shockingly good the best man's speech was
  • How shocked one of my bridesmaids was to learn that me and my MOH had almost tried out for POMs in high school - she seriously still keeps bringing it up
  • DH yelling at everyone to pipe down because they were talking over both MOHs speeches and being very rude
  • Flipping off DHs cousin because he kept clinking the damn glasses for us to kiss - one right after the other - while dinner was served (Klassy bride right here - but he was being a dick!)
  • Almost forgetting my dad's speech - then having him do it right before the dances. I think that was better because we lost people's attention during the first round of speeches
  • My dad pulling out his speech and panicking because he couldn't read it because it was typed to small - he had to go ask for my father in laws reading glasses! I could seriously see his stomach drop he freaked out so much. lol
  • My dad bringing up redheaded grandchildren in his speech...
  • The sound glitch during our first dance
  • The conversation my dad and I had during our dance
  •  All of the dancing!!
It's quite a long list - there is just so much I never want to forget!
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Re: Funny Little Things

  • congratulations the memories are ones to last forever and look back on to laugh at
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  • That almost made me cry in places.  :)

    I am -so- glad ya'll had a good day.

    And flipping people off?  Pffft...that's your personality...fuck 'em if they can't take a joke...or a hint!!  :)
  • Hahaha!! This had me dying laughing and made me so excited for you! Why this, "My Mother in Law walking in and seeing me and crying instantly and turning right back around - didn't say a word to me!" Wasn't bolded I am not sure. That's classic! Congratulations to you and yours!


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  • What a great list!  I also cried in spots and made me look forward to our wedding day to see what things "go wrong".  LOL

    Congrats on a wonderful day!!!
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    I love this. I'm making a list here as well, and hope that others join in. I love hearing these types of stories. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Here's mine:
    • FI and I decided not to exchange gifts the morning of, but that we would do cards. The photographer's assistant took my card to him to photograph it.  I guess I thought she was also going to give it to him.  Flashforward hours - his card went missing!  (Turns out my MOH found it in the getting ready room and will drop it off to our house asap) Oops.
    • I got dressed at the church in a room specifically made for brides getting ready.  You can see into the sanctuary when the doors are opened. I saw FI walk out of the back room with the pastor to the front of the church before the processional started. It was the best feeling ever - he looked amazing and it made me that much more excited to walk down the aisle.
    • I tripped up the stairs going to the altar.  It was slow motion feeling - walking up stairs in my dress  - I sorta stepped on the hem, then FI stepped on it, and he had to catch me! I said "I'm going down." Everyone laughed. I turned back and looked at the packed church and shrugged my shoulders. What can you do!?
    • Had a hard time getting his ring on him. Needed his help! Oh well. Didn't cry during vows, though.
    •  My dog was in the pews during the ceremony. He was supposed to be there for pictures beforehand with me in my dress, but he got passed around to the groomsmen and other people who were around. Then, it was close to go time, and my mom feared she didn't have enough time to get him to her house and then back to the church on time. So, MOH's boyfriend held him in the back of the church. Awesome.
    • I started to tear up at the reception as they announced us "Mr and Mrs His Name." Amazing.
    • I really did most of the planning, but would bounce off some ideas with FI/now H.  Each time he saw something - he would turn to me and say "Wow babe! This is awesome." It was so fun to see him surprised and really enjoying everything. Made me feel that all the time I spent on details was really worth it!!!
    • FI and I went from table to table, and people started clinking glasses. So we kissed. Then, the clinked again. We kissed again. Then, they clinked more. I grabbed his head and gave him a really nice, long kiss. Everyone cheered! (And it got them to shut up!!!) 
    • Lost the thumb drive from our photo booth operator of every picture from the booth! Called him and he will mail us a CD - but how on earth can I lose the thumb drive? It made it back to our house, and then POOF. Ugh, can't wait to see them.
    • 3 no shows - kinda annoying, but at least it was only 3 people out of 211
    • Morning after - we went to breakfast at McDonald's. I had bought food but he wanted a "big breakfast." (After we got engaged, we went to Taco Bell since it was getting late and we had been on his boat all day.) We have this thing for cheap food after big life events.

    Please - continue to share details!!
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  • My little things:

    -I barely slept the night before. I was up by 5:45 and my mom and I just had fun being silly that morning.

    -While the girls got our hair done at my parents house, my dad and brother cleaned their shotguns in the garage. Yup, they guilted me about having a wedding during hunting season.

    -I almost forgot to bring my dress to the ceremony site.

    -I almost forgot to bring my vows too.

    -The little shed/hut/tiny building I got ready in was wet from the rain, but we made it work.

    - In that same hut, one of my BMs almost peed in a bucket in the corner because she had to go so bad.

    -During our first look, my BM and mom hid in a bush to watch us.

    -My H was amazing and made sure everything went smoothly before the ceremony (got the rings to officiant, got the bubble guns ready, delivered vows to officiant, etc)

    -I cried like a baby during vows. But FIL (who officiated) was awesome at keeping me grounded

    -In the limo ride to the reception, someone had to sit on the floor

    -Our food was amazing, and I heard about it all night. Especially when mom said she didn't get any dinner or late night pizza because she was running around. Oops

    -After the first time someone clinked glasses (my dad!) our DJ said knock it off. It was much appreciated

    -All speeches given were perfect.

    -The oxygen bar was a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Dancing until the party was done

    Overall, perfect day. Would not change a thing (well maybe for my flowers to not suck. But otherwise nothing)
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  • I love these details!
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  • This is going to be really long..

    -We had a company who did our DJ, photography and videography. We were told our professionals would be contacting us the week of the wedding. By Friday, I had heard from the two photographers and our videographer, but no DJ. Around 1 pm I was contacted by the company- who told me that they were unable to contact my assigned DJ and they were trying to get me a new one, and that he/she would call me that afternoon to confirm details. Ok… not ideal but I’ll take it.

    6 pm we were at the rehearsal.. and I still had not heard from a DJ. MIL was on the phone calling all kinds of numbers to get ahold of someone, H was on the phone with his co-worker, who’s son is a DJ, to see if we could arrange him for a back up. FINALLY MIL got ahold of someone who tld her the name and number and email of our new DJ assigned to us. We proceeded with the rehearsal.

    I call the DJ in the car on the way to dinner.. phone went to voice mail. She finally called me back during dinner, and I had to remove myself from my own rehearsal dinner to talk to her.. I missed the appetizers L but got it squared away. Ugh.

    That was really the only crisis…Other little tidbits from our wedding:

    -My cousin stayed over at my house the night before.. she stayed up late to dye her hair and helped me by cutting out my special photobooth props (giant pictures of my pug in a tuxedo, pasted onto cardboard). She went outside to smoke a couple of times.. which sent my pug on a barking frenzy.. which lasted ALL NIGHT LONG. I got about 3 hrs of sleep the night before my wedding.

    -Oct 5th was humid and in the 80’s (who would have known!?)

    -Makeup and hair people came to the house and did an amazing job.. I had so many complements all night.

    -I had gotten the gift my H left for me.. but I didn’t realize he wrote me a letter too. He told me via text that it was under the gift bag. He’s not usually the sentimental type.. and I started to tear up.. which prompted my mom, the make-up lady, the hairdresser and a bridesmaid to demand why I was crying. “It’s just so *sniff* nice!”

    -I had asked my bridesmaids to be at my house by noon. (the photographer was to arrive at 1:30) One bridesmaid let me know she was going to be late because her hair/makeup salon took longer than she thought. That was fine. My sister (another bridesmaid) however, didn’t get to my house (10 mins from my mom’s where she was staying) until 1:45 because her hair wasn’t the way she wanted it. Diva. Lol

    -My RB shoes that came with his tux were too small.. even though my sister ordered them a size bigger than his normal shoe size. My mom’s BF had to take him out to buy new shoes that morning.

    -Flowers came early.. and were beautiful.

    -15  mins before the limo was supposed to arrive.. no one was dressed. The place became a madhouse of people getting ready (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding lol)

    -My RB (4 y/o nephew) came out in his tux and said “Aunt Stephanie.. look at me! Aunt Stephanie? Do you have a dress for Quackers?” (his stuffed duck)

    -My MOH was having trouble lacing my dress.. and at the end I had 4 bridesmaids back there trying to figure it out.

    -As I was walking up to do our first look, the wedding in the ball room before ours was leaving. One of the groomsmen from that wedding said to me “Wow, you’re really beautiful.. way better than the bride from the wedding I was just at!” I laughed and said “aww that’s not nice.. but thank you!?” My MOH said “least you know he wasn’t hitting on you” lol

    -H had told me as he was waiting for me before the first look, a maintenance worker told him that he saw me walking out on the grounds.. told him he’s seen a lot of brides, and that I was one of the prettiest ones ever.. and that he envied him. (AWW!)

    (A side note- I am not used to being complimented like that.. I’m a minimalist make-up, t-shirt and comfy pants kind-of-girl. I don’t think I’m unattractive.. but I was never a beauty. It felt pretty awesome to have people give me such compliments.. again a testament to the make-up and hair artists J)

    -I blew H away during our first look. Mission accomplished.

    -DJ showed up (YAY!)

    -As I was getting ready to walk up the steps to the pavilion and walk down the aisle.. our coordinater fluffed out my train and accidentally pulled out the crinoline piece that fluffed out the back of my dress (was Velcro’d in.. to be removed when bussled.) She was digging up the back of my dress to try and repair it.. meanwhile everyone had stood up and were staring at me. I walked down (after stepping on my dress up the stairs) thinking.. the back of my dress is deflated!  I was so embarrassed. BUT in pictures, you can’t even tell.. it looks really pretty.. so don’t feel so bad!

    -It was so hot.. beads of sweat were forming on H’s head.. I was cracking up.

    -I started getting emotional during the ceremony. I held it together and didn’t cry.. but my nose started running. I couldn’t wipe it, so it dripped a couple times. No one noticed.. but it was awkward lol

    -During our sand ceremony.. I ran out of sand before H. his just kept going and going. I put mine down thinking.. ok, well I’m not going to keep pretending to pour. (Lol)

    -We had our guests throw rose petals at us as we came back down the aisle. I didn’t realized there were some heavier pieces in there.. I kept getting pelted in the face and head. We were both laughing all the way down.

    -Our first dance was wonderfull. People like it when the groom dips the bride. Lots of cheers and clapping.

    -The food was fantastic. I only ate a few bites though because I was so tight in my dress (So mad.. it was sooo good!)

    -As we were eating, the DJ comes up to me and tells me that she never got the music list I sent her the night before.. and wanted to know if we wanted her to just wing it. Um.. no, we spent hours working on our music list. I had to have someone go to the back and get me my phone and email her during dinner.. which looked kinda rude as people were trying to talk to us. Ugh.

    -When everyone sat down for dinner- my RB (4 y/o nephew) and FG (18 mo niece) started dancing together on the dance floor. Just the two of them. It was SOOO cute!

    -As we were making our table rounds.. the pain in my back got worse and I started to feel hot and flushed. I had to have H come to the back with me and loosen the corset. Felt a little better after that.

    -Going to the bathroom was probably the most awkward thing I’ve ever done. My MOH helped me out.. and then I told her I had stage fright. LOL.

    -Photobooth was amazing. So glad we did it. And pug-on-a-stick was genius.

    -The cake was beautiful.. and delicious. (Yup.. ate TWO pieces!)

    -I did get to try the chocolate fountain (but only the milk chocolate, the white had dried up) but just as well.. I was very full from the cake.

    -People like glo-necklaces.

    -People loved all my DIY stuff.. and said I should go into business. Thought about it… but planning my own wedding was stressful.. I can’t imagine trying to plan someone else’s.

    All in all.. we had a fantastic time.. and would gladly do it all over again!

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    Here are mine that I will always remember:

    *Waking up at 3am to an arm that was completely asleep and me freaking out thinking I would never get feeling back!

    *Recreating a funny hotel moment with my sister that we did on her wedding morning- almost exactly 5 years to the day! (I am Oct. 12, she is Oct 18)

    *My makeup artist got into a bad accident on the way to my house, but told me all she kept saying to the cops was "I've got to get to my bride! The hospital can wait!".. she is a trooper and an amazing person! Thankfully she is okay!

    *Not being allowed to talk to my DH the morning of the wedding and my call to him being fielded by his groomsman when all I needed was to tell him where to find my shoes for the reception

    *My dad coming downstairs with a face full of shaving cream announcing he was ready haha!

    *My best friend and me being all alone in my childhood bedroom where she helped me get into my dress, then having it be my other best friend and me as she did my corset, then just my sister and me as she helped me with my shoes and jewelry.

    *My dad seeing me for the first time in my dress and stopping and saying "well hello there beautiful!" 

    *Riding to the church in a 1923 model T car and having everyone wave to us on the way to the church.

    *Seeing one of our groomsmen who I haven't seen since May because he is in the Navy as I walked into the church- he made me cry!! (This was also when he decided to give me the card from DH.. I told him I wouldn't be able to handle it and hang on to it until we were in the limo!)

    *Seeing my two nephews walk down the aisle carrying the Here comes the Bride sign (only 3 and 4 and they were AWESOME!)

    *Seeing my DH crying as I came down the aisle.

    *Groomsman mentioned above being late to the pictures at reception because he made his GF stop at panera bread so he could get a sandwich..um hello! (I still love him though!)

    *Bridesmaid saving the day at the reception because the photobooths camera didnt freaking work! She lent them her personal camera to use... I was NOT happy about this!

    *my uncle in law constantly clinking his glass.. even when it was a groomsman sitting at the sweetheart table with me! (or when it was DH and a groomsman at the table).

    *Finding out during our first dance that my amazing friends facetimed one of my great friends who moved to Calgary and couldn't make it, so that she could witness our dance! She bawled her eyes out!

    *The 3 button bustle on my dress broke after my dance with my dad, so I had to carry my heavy, long train on my arm all night- even safety pins didn't work.

    *DH and I going outside by ourselves to get a moment just us, and watching everyone inside dancing away.

    *Our DJ was AMAZING! We were told he was the best one people had ever heard at a wedding.. many thanks to my bridesmaid for getting married the summer before and using him because thats how we found him!!!

    *The amazing love and happiness that we shared with everyone.  It was perfect!
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  • Well the day came with the rain but everyone says thats good luck and the day was perfect :)
    thought i should jump in while i remember lol we go away for the weekend next weekend for our honeymoon :).

    *Started off my girls and i woke up late tried to have a 6am alarm didn't wake up till 6:30 limo was arriving in 15mins and still had to pick up the donuts.

    * are limo driver was awesome came wearing full tux with bow tie he was a huge trooper with the rain he would walk each of us girls individually out with his umbrella to make sure we didn't get wet. 

    *I ended up with alot of gas bubbles in the morning and couldn't eat which prompted everyone to keep asking if i was nervous! 

    * at the salon they had this new curler thing that you put the hair in then it sucks it in and curls it scared the jeebers out of me when i first saw her doing it to my hair i was like omg it's gonna get caught and burn a spot off!!

    *I forgot my bouquet when we were leaving the house i had put it in a back so i wouldn't get wet and grabbed it but then set it down which made me freak out calling my MOH who ran down to the pharmacy to get me something for my stomach to call the limo driver to see if it was in there then my mother calling my dad to come grab the keys then go get my bouquet.

    * we finally started heading out my girls ended up getting us to open the bubbly and have a drink to "calm my nerves" they said. My FG was so cute in the limo it jolted at one point and she was like "wow wow wow woh" 

    *the MOH called the BM who had convinced her, her FI was dressed in nice jeans and polo shirt because his suit didn't fit

    *I wasn't nervous till we got to the ceremony site and started waiting, we did some photo's to check the lighting and then of myself and bridesmaids to have some fun and waist time which really calmed my nerves

    * i had a bad to and everyone kept trying to make sure they didn't step on it 

    *we had the ceremony in a theatre and there was a catwalk so just before the ceremony my bridesmaids and myself walked on the catwalk where no one saw us i was trying to get a glimpse of the groom

    *my FG and nephew who i had walk her started going the wrong way but then once directed were the cutest!!!

    * My dad and i was waiting and my dad started to cry a bit and i kept telling him you can't cry you can't cry

    *my DH surprised me with him playing guitar and singing "grow old with you by adam sandlar with a addition he made" for me to walk down the aisle which prompted me to cry straight away when i heard him

    *tripped a little going up the stage stairs

    * we were pouring the sand and DH was like i'm beating you so i was like oh yea and when we  were done pouring i was like beat ya :)

    *we had eye of the tiger as the song up the aisle

    *We headed to the pear for pictures since it stopped raining abut was very windy i was trying to hold all my dress up and not get pushed by the wind which prompted me to almost moon everyone.

    * we were able to get lots of outdoor pictures done near the end it started raining my photographer had a great idea of stopping traffic for a pic with the rain in the street i don't think people were to happy because they started honking which had me yell back " hold up i'm the bride" 

    *our 14-16 person limo didn't seem correct because we had 14 people with two little bit bigger guys and i still sat on the floor lol

    * we made a kissing game of couples would have to come up and kiss in order for us to kiss so we didn't have to hear clinking glasses we had a bunch of people come up some even made it fun and tried kissing their selves, the bridesmaids wanted to do a tunnel of love and grab their SO or a guy and made a tunnel and kiss so we had to go through n kiss

    * my father had two songs mashed up and halfway through handed me off to my DH

    *i fell a few times that day because of rain

    *we had a photo booth that went over well i looked at the photos yesterday and they were hilarious   

    *my mom told DH no returns which made him turn around and say well you didn't give me a receipt

    * my head table had a bottle of ranch for DH and a bottle of Franks red hots or BM

    even with the rain it turned out perfect the little things that went wrong were minor i don't really believe there was any crisis I'm so happy to be married to my best friend he truly is amazing. I hope all of your guys days went perfect and hope you all have happy lives together forever. it was great getting to know you's and hear about the different things you guys were doing.  your wedding days are one to remember and i surly will i can't wait for the pictures from my photographer i do have one good one from my great uncle i can show. 

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