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Starting to get nervous!

I am now feeling like a basket case!!! i dont know why though! the wedding is in 12 days and my mind in going 100mph and i dont even feel like im myself, i am at work right now and i feel like im physically here but not mentally here! im ready for the week to be over so i can have some days off to relax before the wedding craziness starts!   does anyone else feel like this?

Re: Starting to get nervous!

  • My wedding is the day after yours - Everything is done, but I feel like if I'm not doing something wedding-related, the day will get here and something will be missing or wrong. These last days are going to be the hardest!
  • Man me too! I am literally done with everything wedding related but I am feeling antsy. Can't wait for the week to be over. This week I have my last hair appointment and a dental cleaning this week and next week I am doing waxing and pedicure/manicure. 

    I also have caught wind that FI's family maybe doing a surprise shower this weekend. So I am trying to keep Friday and Saturday open because FI isn't really sure.  
  • My wedding is Saturday and I was really calm until today. I'm starting to freak! Praying everything goes well!!!!
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  • Ditto @ginter27! We're all packed and ready to go, and today I'm starting to get nervous!
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