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Can an old married broad give you a little advice?

I've been married seven and half years, we are currently separated because we lost sight of each other.
No matter what happens on your wedding day, you will be married and marriage is way bigger than any wedding.
I hated my wedding day, so many people ruined it for me, no one was happy for me, they just wanted to know what they were getting out of it.
I'm still madly in love with my husband and we are working so hard to repair our marriage and come through the other end a happy loving couple.
I'm not trying invalidate any of your feelings, the nerves, the worry, any of that, just reminding you at the end of the day, it is just you and him.
Don't do what I did and let others get in the way.
Hugs! Have a great wedding!
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Re: Can an old married broad give you a little advice?

  • I can relate to what you are saying (married 8yrs). We were on the verge of divorce earlier this year but God came in and changed our marriage. It took a lot of work but things have turned around and have never been better! 

    HUGS to you and HUGS to all the brides! 
    Married 11/12/05 ~ Renewed Our Vows 11/9/13. 

    "The LORD will fight for you, you need only be still."

  • Thanks to both of you! Marriages are tough and take work. I think like you both mentioned, a lot of people forget that. 
  • And from this once married before broad... deep breaths about the details of your day.  Because, I promise, no one care about them but you.  (I say this as much as a reminder to myself as for advice).   But really.  This is one day and, eventually, while it will always be one of the most important days, it won't even be THE most important day of any of our lives. the day my son was born way out did any wedding.  The day my mother was diagnosed with leukemia and we thought she might die stands out more.   It's the culmination of all the days that come after the wedding that matters in the end.

    Good luck and cheers to us all.
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