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The wedding checklist here is very helpful in reminding me of things I need to do, and their deadlines. However, I didn't see anything about when to order the flower girls dress (I'm paying for it). Also, what other items (if any) have you added to your checklist so you won't forget them on the big day?

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Re: Wedding checklist

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    For the flower girl- I guess it depends on her age. Is she a baby-toddler? Or older. I'm having my nephew as my ring bearer but he's not even 2 yet and is out growing 2 clothing. I'm waiting til 3-4 months before the wedding to buy his outfit.

    ETA: I didn't add anything to the check list but deleted a bunch!
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  • You can get a cute girl's dress at the mall the day before your wedding...
  • You could always try Wedding Wire's checklist. It's pretty thorough. But not their forums, just their checklist (website tool is pretty good too).

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  • FG dress wait as long as you can depending her age she will still grow.  My FG girl got her dress in the mall. We had an eye on it for over a year and just told them that if it looked to be getting discontinued or something to let us know.  She ended up buying it in March (sale too!) and she bought a size up so it was still a little big for her to grow into (June wedding).  Fit perfectly and was not expensive.   

  • @melbelleup, My wedding is in April, and she turns 6 in May

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  • We didn't get our flower girl's dress until about a month before the wedding. She's very young, about 18 months at the time of the wedding, so she's constantly growing.
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  • @melbelleup, My wedding is in April, and she turns 6 in May
    I would ask her mother in Feb what size she is wearing then. Most likely I'd go with a 6 unless she's a tiny girl.
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