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Help with a Hawaii Elopement for Two

We want to elope for many reasons and have been thinking about Hawaii - preferably Oahu or Maui. I know what I want it to be like, but whenever I look at wedding planner packages they don't really suite me and are usually for groups of people; plus, why spend more money for someone else to do it when it's not exactly how I want it.

Here is what we would like our wedding to be like, so if you have any suggestions or recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated!!

- An amazing professional photographer (I'm willing to spend extra for this because this is a top priority. Most of the wedding planner photographers are not great at all.)
- Sunset wedding on the beach (... which I can't find any hotel packages for weddings on the beach. They are on grass or in a gazebo.)
- Traditional Hawaiian officiant
- Romantic dinner for just the two of us and cutting the cake (This is the thing I can't seem to find any information on. If we can't have just a dinner for the two of us, what do people do? Go to a restaurant in your wedding dress? - not what I really want to do, unless it's a secluded dinner for just us.)
- Someone to do my hair and make-up
- Transportation to the wedding ceremony 
- Flowers and leis

There is definitely more, but these are the top things that I can't seem to find in one location.

Help please!! Thanks!! :)

Re: Help with a Hawaii Elopement for Two

  • Hey there! Have you tried contacting any of the wedding coordinators to see what "a le carte" options they have? You'd be surprised what else they could offer besides the cookie cutter packages they show online.  My FI and I are getting married on Kauai and there were quite a few options, but our situation is the opposite of yours - we have a larger party to accommodate. I really suggest calling a few places that seem like good options and talk through what you want your day to be like. Good luck!! 
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    I agree with the pp. I got married in Australia and a lot of the packages were for people who had guests. I did not. So, the resort worked with me to make sure everything fit our situation. I recommend figuring out 2-3 resorts you are interested in, contacting their wedding coordinator, and seeing what they can offer for a two person ceremony.


  • hi! I am also asking the same questions! my fi and I are eloping in Hawaii probably in the early fall next year, and im not finding any packaging that might accommodate just the two of us! ive even asked on here and someone really rude told me this site isn't for people that want to elope cuz eloping is done spur of the moment.. lol, anyway, there was someone from that contacted me. that may be somewhere to start. that or keep me posted and ill let u know If I get any other useful info, CONGRATS!

  • Hi, I was originally planning on eloping in Hawaii (Oahu) and started planning with Maui'd Forever. They have small packages for just eloping and you can add on basically anything you need. I started out with the Simple Beach Wedding, (Here are the packages for Oahu and then ended up adding on when we decided we would be inviting our families. Here is what they have on their site for receptions . They can find you somewhere to go or even do a dinner for 2 on the beach which is pretty cool! I didn't think their photographs looked very good so I just booked my own photographer and let them know. Also they have a list of locations you can do the ceremony at or you can pick your own location that isn't on the list as well which is what I did. They have a list of "a la carte" items as well with prices here:  Hope this helps!! 
  • I am getting married on Oahu and my planners have been fantastic! I am having guests so slightly different but I am sure they could provide you with details for just the two of you. My planner is Kibby at Oahu Weddings!
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