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January 2014 Weddings

How long was your engagement?

I got engaged July 13, 2013 and the wedding is January 18, 2014. A few people thought I was crazy trying to plan a wedding in 6 months but I thought it was easy! It's a full on big Italian wedding too! I'm actually all done with the big stuff and just need to address my invitations and have the shower and that's pretty much all thats left besides the fittings.

How long was your engagement and do you think it was enough or too much time?


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Re: How long was your engagement?

  • I got engaged April 6th, so I had about 9 months to the wedding. I am a student and part time software developer and I have had plenty of time to plan it. I would not have wanted less than 6 months though. I enjoyed not being rushed. But at the same time, I am sooo ready for it to get here now.
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  • Got engaged in April. So 9 months as well. I think it is a perfect amount of time. My vendors didn't even want to speak with me about the wedding until now. I've got all my appointments in November to hash everything out.
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    FI proposed on June 7 and the wedding is on January 25th, so just under 8 months.  I've had the big stuff done for a month or so now and I'm starting in on some of the detail work. 

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  • I got engaged on October 13th of last year, and my wedding is on January 25th, so about 14 months.  It has not been long enough, because I left the country for 8 months and wasn't able to get anything done, and now I am rushed and do not enjoy that.  But I wanted a winter wedding, so it's my own fault. 
  • 14 months. It feels like the perfect amount of time because during the engagement we also moved. The move was a ton of work, and so is wedding planning. I think had we done less time, it would have felt very overwhelming. 
    We still have a lot to do for the wedding in the next two months, but thankfully we have lots of help too! :)
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