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Just wanted to share

Last Saturday we took Engagement pictures and had the time of our lives. So much fun I sprained my ankle. We are working with the best photographer. She is bubbly and so much fun. I can not wait to work with her again.

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event date: November 2013
Bride First name: Vicki 
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Re: Just wanted to share

  • I love your pics!  Especially the ones in the football jerseys!  Very nice :-)
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  • Beautiful pictures... awwww you both looked very nice and yes the jersey idea was very cute.... and im taking where you fell was when you hurt your ankle... you took a nasty fall

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

  • Aw I love them! She did a good job job capturing your individual personalities. I can tell yall have fun together
  • super cute.. i loved them .. im glad you guys had a great time.. it looked like it too!! 

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • that was the sweetest thing lol!   those made me smile girl thanks for sharing.

    my faves are the series where he's smooching your shoulder and you're trying to keep a straight face through it and where he's gotcha hemmed up against the brick wall.   {{churchfan}}

    carry on.  lol!! 
    Soon to Be Mrs Jay
  • AWWW!!! okay i've got some serious hair lust I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! which one is your fave? I adore #24. When did you sprain your ankle? during the football shots?
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  • Thanks ladies. We did/do have a great time together. Last night we went to Joe's Crab shack and I am sure those people thought we were crazy in there. We were cutting up along with two of my bridesmaids.

    @Footballwife77 thanks. I am loving my hair now. It has taken me sometime to learn to love my locs. I was so devastated when my fiance proposed last year cause I had literally cut my hair off and started the locs. Now I see with lots of love they are growing and will look great next year for wedding. I have lots of favorites and having a hard time choosing 1 for us to blow up for signing mat. I sprained my ankle during the football shots. She told me to act like I was going to hike a football but told him to tackle me. We rough play all the time but was not expecting him to really tackle me. Plus I was trying to be cut in my wedges. the ankle is better and I soaked up all the attention from him.
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  • Very nice ! I love the venue where you shot the photos, just beautiful. I also like the playful nature shown in all of the photos. You both look very happy.
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    Soon to Be Mrs Jay
  • @OpenHeart0117- Thank you!!! We shot our pictures at a popular water front in Baltimore called Fells Point. It is extra fun in the summer. The day we were there not too many people were out cause the Ravens were not playing. It is popular for sport viewing cause there are blocks of restaurants. 
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