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I enjoyed our HM and all but...

I am just so grateful to be home.  I want to be with DH in the real world.  Not vacation world.   We had fun in NOLA... lots of fun, tons... but it was still stressful thinking about money, where we wanted to go, whether we needed a cab or wanted to walk, remember what was scheduled for when.   I'm so happy to be home and starting to get back to our real routine.

My brother is still here (He stayed and watched the dogs and house sat while we were gone.  Why he didn't schedule a flight out sooner, since we got home Saturday afternoon, is beyond me but since he helped me put together our new china cabinets this morning and is presently anchoring them to the wall, I'll just shut up and be grateful) so that has been stressful too but I'm taking him to the airport in a couple of hours. Then tonight the three of us can just celebrate DH's birthday as a family.  I'm so ready to move on with unpacking the gifts into the new cabinet and get thank you cards knocked out by the end of this weekend so we can really be 100% finished with all things wedding and just move on to the happily ever after part.

Re: I enjoyed our HM and all but...

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