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11/23/13 Brides

10 days out and I'm feeling pretty good about everything. I basically need to buy a card for the minister, make family aisle markers (bows), and pack for the honeymoon. I'm sure full on panic mode will strike next week. How is everyone else?

Re: 11/23/13 Brides

  • I'm so thankful that we have two weeks to pack after the wedding for the honeymoon.  I can't even think about that right now!
  • I'm doing pretty good right now, that's not to say things will change come next week though. I basically have everything finished up until I need to start picking things up next Wednesday. I kind of already started packing for the honeymoon and wedding night lol. FI and I are just ready for it to be here.
  • All I have left to do is the seating... no big deal right?!  LOL...
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  • I am starting to get a bit anxious! We still need to fill the welcome bags, put everything together for drop-off at the venue, put together gifts for everyone, print the programs and assemble the escort cards. I have my final fitting today and regardless of losing weight over the past 10 months, suddenly I can't seem to stop eating! 
  • 11/24 bride here, so I'ma gonna chime in. This is going to be a VERY busy weekend for me. 

    To Do: 
    Welcome Bags (mostly put together, need to write welcome note)
    Escort Cards (cut, just need to write names on them)
    Program (done - I think), still need to be printed/folded
    Bathroom baskets (got all the stuff, just need to put them together
    Buy candles for centerpieces
    Finish putting together favors. 
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