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So hard to lose weight over the holidays!

I do alright Monday-Thursday then I slack on Friday and completely lose it over the weekend. Any progress I  may have made during the week is completely derailed by the weekend. This is our busy season at work so I'm working lots of hours, and our work is providing free breakfast and lunch almost daily (all unhealthy). I'm super stressed with work, have zero time to myself, and am just trying to get through the day!

I started training for a half marathon 3 weeks ago (it's in January), but my eating is another matter. I have actually gained weight in the last month because of my poor eating and long work hours. I know things will return to normal again in January, but my wedding is in April!

How is everyone else managing?




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Re: So hard to lose weight over the holidays!

  • It's really tough. My work keeps getting in donuts and this month was my birthday. I allowed myself to eat all of my leftover birthday cake [I had it for breakfast, so at least it wasn't a snack], but I'm going to have to buckle down.
    We also ate a bunch of fast food this weekend and that's fine but i need to stop drinking soda and start making better choices when I eat out.

    Our wedding is in April too! Maybe we can keep this thread as encouragement for the both of us? and keep track how we are doing?

    I've found that logging my food on MyFitnessPal has been really helping me. I've been doing that the past couple of weeks and it really was shocking how bad I was eating. I think I've managed to lose some weight just from keeping tracking going.

  • Remember, it's okay to have a slip every once in a while. I agree, the weekend are so hard! For me, they are also bad because I am much more sedentary...
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