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Not sure where to post this. Hopefully some of you have dealt with it.

I'm getting married outside of Florence in May, and part of the deal when we decided on the venue was that we would have to get transportation for our guests. The venue is about 30 minutes outside the city, and we are going to hire a bus to pick up guests from somewhere in the city center, and drive them to the venue about 45 minutes before the ceremony, which will start at 4:30. Ceremony/cocktails last until 6:30, when dinner is served, then dancing begins at 8:00.  Cake probably by 8:30 or 9-ish. The question is when the bus should go back. Since almost all of the guests are travelling for the wedding, we have to account for jetlag, sightseeing exhaustion, etc. and we have the venue until 2AM. Obviously we do not expect all 70 guests to stay that long, so we were thinking of having the bus make two trips back to the city.

So my question is this: If you were a guest at this wedding, would you be happy if the two return times were 10:00 PM and 12:00 AM?

Guests will be able to hire a cab, but it won't be cheap. Could be up to 50 Euro for that time of night.

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Re: Transportation

  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    I dont know about Florence, but when we rented a bus in the USA for me wedding, we booked it per hour not per miles traveled. Can you have the bus starting at 9 do as many round trips as possible until closing time? (or the last guest leaves) If the venue is 30 minutes away, the bus could take people every hour.

    I would suggest that bus pick up and drop off where most of your guests are staying.

    BabyFruit Ticker
  • Unfortunately, they do not rent by the hour. It's 700 euro for the round trip rental. and then every extra round trip is 200 euro. So, if we have two trips back, that's 900, which is fine. And I guess we can do one more as well, but after that it gets a little ridiculous, knowing that there are only 50-70 guests, and the bus might end up making empty or practically empty trips. The company insists that we plan pickup and drop-off times ahead of time, so it's not like it can just be on our beckon call.
  • Thanks, you guys! That is super helpful. It has been probably the biggest headache of all throughout the planning, and I didn't even think to post about it until yesterday.
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