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Cake buffet/dessert buffet - how many cakes?

For our wedding we plan to have a dessert buffet rather than a wedding cake.  We plan to have mostly cakes and perhaps some pies and tarts as well (I'm thinking carrot cake, chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, butter tarts and cheesecake or mini cheesecake cupcakes).  Has anyone else seen this done, or are you planning to do this as well?  We are having 115 guests and I have no clue how many cakes we'll need.  I imagine we should get doubles of some so that we don't run out quickly and that everyone gets to have something they enjoy.

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Re: Cake buffet/dessert buffet - how many cakes?

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    It would depend on how many each cake serves. I would say you should have enough that people will be able to have at least 2 slices. I know I would want to sample ALL THE CAKE. And, I was at a wedding where they did something similar, and I had like, 3 different slices of cake. 

    Do you have a caterer? Because they would have a better idea of how much you would need numbers wise, and also which ones you need more of (i.e. you might need more chocolate cake then pumpkin pie, etc)

  • Thank you chibiyui! My aunt is catering our wedding with a friend of hers, as they both have experience cooking for large groups.  I should ask her what she thinks, but I know you are right in assuming that many guests want to try most of the desserts.  I suppose we can cut them into small pieces so that people can try them all, and I definitely would like to have too much over having too little.  
  • Here is a website for a place that does dessert buffets.  You can see how they break it down by number of cakes, pies, etc.


  • Great idea! Thank you csuave. 
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