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Venue for Post-Nup Brunch?

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for places that could host a post-nup brunch mid-Cape? Ideally we're looking for a casual place that could host ~150 people, somewhere in the Brewster-Dennis-Harwich area.


Re: Venue for Post-Nup Brunch?

  • The Regatta in Cotuit.  Is that near the towns you mentioned???  I think so?!

    Had brunch there and it was great.  Looked like it could accommodate a large group.  
  • Haha.  Cotuit is not that close...

    Brunch for 150 is hard since most breakfast places are on the smaller side! I love hole in one in orleans, but even with outdoor seating it's not big enough i don't think.  and i'm not sure if they're the type of place that would allow you to reserve on a saturday or sunday morning.  I'm in Yarmouth, so I'm more familiar with places west of you.

     Where is your reception?  I'm guessing you already checked to see if they have brunch.  If you're local/have a house you could always do an outdoor catered brunch (crossing your fingers that weather is good!)  Or you could do a local beach/ park with a pavilion and have it catered there...

    good luck!
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