"Homemade" Wine for Wedding favors

Hi Everyone,

I got super excited when I saw today's SaveNowCt Deal and started wondering about my wedding favors.

You make your own wine, bottle it yourself, and have the labels personalized! I thought this was a great idea for favors and it's super inexpensive! (about $5 per bottle)

What do you guys think? Has anyone done this?

Re: "Homemade" Wine for Wedding favors

  • I had a very good friend do this for her wedding.  I'm a bit of a wine snob, so I didn't care for the taste of the wine.
  • My brother and sister-in-law actually did this for their favors.  I only sampled the wine when we were initially choosing their flavors...I haven't cracked open one of the favors yet.  The process was fun though, my husband and I went with them to make, bottle, and label the wine.
  • I think this is cute!!!! Do it!
  • Sounds like a fun idea. You can print your own stickers but looks more professional if you get them printed at somewhere like whiteweddingprints as they have a choice of different sizes and shapes including the correct formatting for a wine label.
  • Thanks guys! We're going to make our first batch next month and I'm pretty excited!
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