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Food Ideas?

My fiance and I are planning a winter wedding. We are thinking of doing a chili bar with a soup as well. We have right now a little over 30 guests on the list but it will probably grow to about 50 (no more than that or our venue cost goes up). How much should we make of each? It will be a mild chili, a hot chili, and a soup with a topping bar such as crackers, cheese, and sour cream. I've seen various numbers on the internet about how much would be best for each person. The overall census is about a cup per person. 

Re: Food Ideas?

  • I'm doing a chili bar, too! 

    Be sure that one of your chili options is vegetarian. I'd definitely overestimate and make at least two cups per person --- that'd be a standard bowl of chili. The nice thing about chili is, even if you have way too much, it can be frozen and reheated in the future. 

    If chili is your main course, I suggest having a starch like baked potatoes or bread as well as salad to go with it. 

    And, for your topping bar, sour cream, crackers, Fritos, different cheeses, green onions, etc. 

    Good luck!
  • Check the number of ounces on the bowls you'll be using. I'd go with 1.5 per person of whatever that is (some people will take seconds, some won't. Ditto @ElcaB on freezing it if you have the space.

    I would also serve salad and possibly another side such as pasta salad. I like corn bread with chili so that's another cheap filler you could try.

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