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Because we're still slow, Buffy stuff and pics

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-Mistletoe was discussed in a book, so Buffy asked about it.  I said we could buy some (fake, so it doesn't kill the pets) when we went shopping.  We now have mistletoe hanging in the doorway to the living room and Buffy periodically brings out stuffed animals to put under it so they get kisses.  Although apparently the 'rule' is that you cant pick up the stuffed animal (because then it's not under the mistletoe any more, obviously), you have to get down on the floor to kiss it.  (Long Ears the bunny was hiding there this morning but I pretended I didn't see him because I didn't want to get more cat hair on my black slacks.)

2-Friday we went to the big light parade and tree lighting.  I told Buffy it was like an outdoor Christmas party to look at Christmas stuff.  she INSISTED she needed to wear a special Christmas dress.  uhh, it's like 20 degrees child.
I prevailed to have her put on Christmas tights (which are to small, I ordered new) and a dress, with jeans over-top.  I let her win on the shoes, so the glitter mary janes it is.  This is totally not my child, genetically.
She thought it was all awesome.  She freaked for a minute at the fireworks, but i got her to start saying "BOOM, bang!" when they went up, so it was all OK.
She also really REALLY insisted we had to work our way through the crowd so she could see the tree up close and personal.  She was super excited and it was awesome.   
She looked a bit bedraggled by the end of the night.  And we had to backtrack a Loooong block to retrieve a mitten.  This is her giving the hairy-eyeball to the people in the civic center because they ran out of cookies (but I had emergency cookies in the bag.)
Also, this is what happens when you tell her to smile for the camera:
(and damnit, her glasses are FILTHY in that picture.  I swear I clean them.  But they get fingerprinty all day and I try NOT to have her take them off and clean them)
(oh, and we found out that if she wants to, next year, she can RIDE in the parade on the Mr's co. float)

3-She was the only child in 'children's church' on she had to bring over a stuffed bunny and set him up a seat too.
His name is oodoo.  he lives at the church.
And his handprint turkey with something to be thankful for on each feather looked kinda stupid, because he doesn't have fingers or a thumb.  (a 'appsible' thumb according to Buffy).  It's on the fridge @ grandma's next to Buffy's hand-turkey

4-She likes the new PBS show "Peg + Cat".  There is an imaginary friend Peg and imaginary friend Cat who come with us all sorts of places.  They're about an inch tall each.  She has to carry them and hold their hands a lot.  They sleep in a wooden box, covered w/ a glasses cleaning cloth, on her night stand.
  And we had to have a come-to-diety-of-choice discussion about the fact that if Buffy has to hold my hand, Peg can hold ONE of Buffy's hands, but then Cat has to hold Peg's hand, he can't make me let go to hold Buffy's hand.  
We nearly had a meltdown because Peg and cat got left at grandma's the other night, but, oh, lookit, momma put them in her pocket before we left, so here they are.  
It's alternately adorable and annoying as fuck.

5-and there's still allegedly a baby brother coming to nana's.  I took a test and I'm still infertile w/ an IUD so I think she's goig to be disappointed at christmas.  (for which she and her baby brother need a 'kid's climbing kit'--I have no idea what this is, she invented it and it doesn't exist, but it's what she wants for Christmas [she has been asking for one for weeks, but can't show it to me or describe it to me], along w/ a Hello Kitty suitcase [that she'll probably get])

Re: Because we're still slow, Buffy stuff and pics

  • (oh, and I wish I had Buffy's comfy cozy red coat w/ the velvet trim in my size.  It's her 3rd year wearing it as a dress coat and it's awesomely warm and not hugely puffy and w/o a lot of buttons)
  • She's so big. I love her little glasses.
  • Awwwwwwww.  She's awesome
  • Ya know, I as a grown ass adult have hard time keeping my glasses clean, it has to be hard for her too. She is to cure with the mistletoe.

  • yeah, my glasses are regularly a disaster.
    She's been SO good about keeping them on properly that I tend not to touch w/ a 10 foot pole anything about it--if I have her take them off to clean, i swear she has them on/off/on/off/on/off for the next hour.  So I just try to wash them when she takes them off for bed/nap
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