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When to get a Christmas tree?

We recently moved into a cute rental house instead of an apartment and I'm super excited that we have room to decorate for Christmas. I think we even have the space for a full-size tree. Should we go to a Christmas tree farm and cut one down? Do they have smaller trees (4'-5')? When should we get the tree? 

Re: When to get a Christmas tree?

  • You should probably call whatever christmas tree farm in your area and ask them these questions.
  • Ditto Varuna, but as a real tree enthusiast, here's my advice:

    If you keep the tree well-watered, you can get it right at the start of December and keep it through New Year's. Certain types of trees will have less needle-shedding than others, but I never remember the names, so ask the tree stand/farm. 

    I wouldn't bother to cut one; we always go to a tree stand and buy one already cut. Every place I've bought one will also put a fresh cut on the trunk for you; take it home and put in water *immediately*. 

    Do not buy a plastic tree stand. Always metal. 

    Follow the seller's instructions for watering. You can buy "tree refresher" stuff to put in the water, but I don't know if that actually works. We've never bought it, live in a dry climate, and have no issues keeping the tree lush if we water twice a day. 

    Put the lights on first, then the ornaments. 

    And have fun! 
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    But I don't like Christmas, so I'm the worst person to ask.

  • We will be getting our tree either some point this weekend or next weekend.  We haven't had a real tree in a few years.  All I know is that we plan to get the tree and keep it outside for a day in a bucket of water...then we'll put it in the house - let it acclimate overnight and then decorate.  

    Good luck. 

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  • I used to love going to the tree farm and cutting down a tree when I was little. We'd go the first weekend in December and the tree would still look great at Christmas. We would bring it and start decorating it within a few hours. The tree was cold and putting the decorations on right away was a little chilly so I'd recommend following what soontobemrsbuccheri said and letting it sit in the house overnight.

    I'm hoping to adopt the tradition with H as soon as we get a place that's big enough for a tree :)

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