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Booking photographer before Christmas

Wasn't too sure where to put this....JUST got engaged on Christmas and still learning my way around the boards... :)

Here is my dilemma. We have picked a date- December 22, 2012. (12.22.12. LOVE IT) We are meeting with the pastor January 12 to finalize. I am NOT willing to sacrifice on the pastor...we have both grown up going to church together, he did our confirmation,  and baptized me!  BUT I found a perfect photographer. Amazing pictures, prices, and personality. She told me she already has wedding booked for 2013-my date is just one of the few she has left for next year. 

How can I "hold" my spot? Obviously I have my heart set on 12.22.12 but understand it may need to change if it doesn't work out with the pastor. So what do I tell the photographer? 

Re: Booking photographer before Christmas

  • If you can't finalize with the pastor now then ask if you can put down a small deposit ($20) with the photographer and explain your situation with the pastor.
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  • Make sure that you are touching base with your "must haves" - immediate family, g'parents, WP, etc to make sure they are available also.  Keep in mind that you are choosing the weekend just prior to Christmas and a lot of families use that to visit one set of parents or the other.  I can see where some people may not be able to work that out for you.

    I know you are in love with the date, but don't get so wrapped up in the pastor and photographer that you ignore what will work for your must-have, non-negotiable people in both families.
  • Ditto PP. Can't your pastor look at his/her schedule right now and at least tell you over the phone if they're available that date? That way, you can go ahead and book the photographer for sure.
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  • I would try to get that information from your pastor now before meeting. He should know.
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  • Put a small deposit down with your photographer
  • Thank you for your help, I called the pastor and confirmed and was able to book the photographer I wanted also!
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