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Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

So-the past few weddings I have been to, haven't had a flower girl or a ring bearer... is this still common at weddings to do? If so, i don't know too many young kids I could think to use but my one girlfriend who's daughter would be perfect. She already jokingly said I could use her daughter, but would it by rude/inappropriate to do so when I don't intend on using her as a bridesmaid? Then say I decide to use her daughter as flower girl... not really sure I have a boy to be ring bearer or not-is it silly to do one and not the other?! ANY advice is appreciated :)

Thanks, ladies!!!!

Re: Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Second Anniversary 5 Answers
    I am having a ring bearer, but no flower girl so I don't think it's silly to only have one. Neither of us has a little girl we are close to, but I couldn't imagine not having my nephew in the wedding. Do whatever you want with your wedding party. 
  • If you don't have anyone close to you to ask to stand up then just don't have them. Don't use a kid as a prop just because you think you need to fill that roll. We had 2 ring bearers for our wedding and no flower girls.
  • Thanks ladies, I appreciate the insight! Don't want to use anyones kids as a "prop" (LOL) but a few people told me doing flower girl/ring bearer was still common so I think I was feeling like i needed to fill those spots... might just not do either then...
  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    The last few weddings I've attended, there was no flower girl or ring bearer. 

  • You should "use" anyone's child lol they should be in your wedding because you know and love them. My cousin is our ring bearer and FI's cousin is our flower girl.
  • Well I do of course know & love her (know her berfore her mother even planned on getting pregnant with her), but being her mother (my good friend) is invited to the wedding but not PART pf my bridal party i just dont know if that is tacky or rude of me?!

  • You certainly don't have to have a FG/RB. FI has a nephew that will be the RB but we don't have any young girls in the families, so we just won't be having a FG.

    I don't think its rude to ask the daughter to be FG without asking the mom to be a BM. I do think you should talk to the mom before you mention it to her daughter, but only because she'll be the one paying for a dress.
  • We're not going to have a flower girl or ring bearer. There are so many little kids in both our families and we really don't want to have to pick from the lot of them.
  • Unless you are actually close to the child herself, I would skip it. But generally, no, there's not a problem with asking the child but not the mother to be in the wedding party.
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