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Fellow Brides - I'm on a venue hunt! Help :)

Hi ladies!

I plan on getting married on April 18, 2015 and I'm looking at venues and it's so draining! Not to mention I am on a budget of $12,000. I wish I could search by price, location, and DIY food and alcohol. So I'm turning to The Knot!

Here is what I'm looking for, please comment if you think you know something I don't, hehe!


1. DIY Alcohol
2. Allow outside caterer (flexible)
3. Ceremony and reception for $1,500 or less
4. Close to hotel (all guests are out if town)
5. Venue for 125 guests

So I would like to spend about $6K-$7K on venue ($1.5K-$2K), food ($3.5K-$4K), and alcohol (DIY) for $1K.

Does this seem reasonable, any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!!

Re: Fellow Brides - I'm on a venue hunt! Help :)

  • Have you looked into the Fort Worth YWCA? You can bring your own caterer and alcohol. It's super close to all the downtown Fort Worth hotels. Also, I know it is hard, especially with out of town guests, but practically every venue offers cheaper prices on any weekdays. I think your $6-7K on venue, food, and alcohol is pretty reasonable.
  • Thanks so much Katey! I looked at FTW and I was al for it until I realized that most of my guests are flying into Love Field - which is a long commute. But I am going to still look into the Fort Worth YMCA? These are all preferences so if the price is right, I'm there :)
  • Have you considered a hotel wedding?  That would help with your guests traveling.  Unlikely that you'd get outside catering, but honestly, I was pretty happy to NOT have to sort through a bunch of different caterers when I settled on a venue.



  • I think that $3500 for food with 125 guests is definitely do-able. That would allow you to do something at $20/plate and leave money left over for the service fee, tax, etc. Buffets can be cheaper than a plated dinner. The best deal I've seen for outside catering is Black Eyed Pea, but that pricing is based off their rates from 2010-2011.

    You will also have to consider that a TABC bartender would have to be hired to serve the alcohol, which is (sometimes) an unexpected expense.

    Venue rental fees vary--Friday and Saturday nights are more expensive than a weeknight or a Sunday afternoon/evening.

    Are you interested in any venues that are completely DIY? Winfrey Point and the Filter Building are popular venues, and are a blank canvas. Where you may save on the rental you would have to put toward rental items, but from what I've read from past brides here it is definitely cost effective.

  • I had a friend do her ceremony and reception at the Fairview Corral Barn and had BBQ catered.  Might be something worth checking out.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, I am looking into all of them!
  • I had about the same amount of people as you and followed closely to your food and beverage budgets. Actually, we only spent about $2250 on food (we used TCP Catering, whom I highly recommend) and we even did appetizers and a full buffet with china. If you were able to come in under budget from food, you could add to your venue budget which might make your search a little easier. We used Rose Chapel in Fort Worth but I think the lowest package you can do with them is $2100 on a Friday or Sunday. Also, FWIW, I don't think the 40ish minute drive from Love Field to FW is too bad, as long as you have all of your events in one area.
  • I am getting married next spring at the Fairview Corral Barn in Plano. Their prices were very reasonable, and I loved that they already had the place decorated with pretty lights.  I get great reactions from people when I tell them that the reception is going to be in a party barn! 

    We are having Buca de Beppo do the catering.  I am super excited!  They are going to be providing a huge buffet with lots of their specialty dishes including freshly made canolis for dessert!  We are going to be feeding about 150 people for about $2000, and there is going to be a ton of food; this price also includes the delivery, set up, and cleanup of the buffet.   

  • ejheart - thanks for the reassuring feedback, I was starting to get frustrated! But I do have a question, I googled TCP Catering and they are in Marlin, TX? They cater events in Dallas?
  • knitwit04 - I am still waiting for a response from them off the recommendation above! Hopefully I know something soon!
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