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Is a Day-Of Coordinator worth it?


Re: Is a Day-Of Coordinator worth it?

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    I'm paying $1500 for our DOC in Santa Barbara (and that was the cheapest I could find), so $2000 in NYC seems about right to me.
  • We hired a DOC within the first few months of being engaged. I'm kind of a control freak so I wanted to plan everything myself but be satisfied that there would be someone there to take the reigns on our wedding day. So far she's been great, letting me know what needs to be done by when and making vendor recommendations along the way. She's also looked over all contracts and we've met twice already with one more meeting before the big day. On our wedding day we'll have her and her assistant from start to finish to make sure things run smoothly.

    We're paying $1500 but we've already saved that much in the discounts she gets from local vendors. We live in Austin, Texas so there are tons of vendors to choose from. If you're still interviewing, I would make sure to ask if she has any relationships with local vendors or knows of any specials that aren't well advertised. Our caterer gave us a 5% discount (quite a bit when feeding 150 people) and she also has a rental company that gives 1/2 off chair and linen rentals.

    I would definitely say having a coordinator is worth it, just make sure your personalities jive and you would trust them with your special day.
  • I'm soooo glad that we have one. She is doing the table layouts at the venue, the timeline, having our photographer come and see the venue since she hasn't shot photos there before....our coordinator knows what vendors she's worked with before and it's just such a relief.
    She also figured out how many rentals we needed for tables, chairs, dishes, silverware..all we had to do was figure out what styles we wanted.
    I feel like it's a freaking steal for $750, because she doesn't just do day of stuff, ours includes
    Wedding Coordinator for Day of Ceremony
    1 Complimentary Consultation
    2 Face to Face Meetings before the
    Unlimited Phone and Email Access
    Menu Consultation
    Vendor Referrals and
    Assistance with Vendor Coordination
    Day of Coordination for up to 8 hours
    Detailed Timeline for Day of the Wedding
    Help with ceremony and reception layout for our facility
    Set up of guestbook table, gift table, dinner tables ceremony and reception chairs and centerpieces
    Review and Confirm Contracts with Vendors
    Orchestrate Wedding Rehearsal the day
    Prior to the Wedding
    Oversee set -up of Items for Ceremony and Reception (caterer and other vendors)
    Coordinate Bridal Party and Family During Day of Ceremony
    Coordination for Reception
    Coordinate Clean -up to Meet Standards of Event Host
    Allow the Bride, Groom, and Family to Enjoy the Perfect Day

    Just figured I would put the list so people have something to work off of. I personally had no clue what I was doing when I booked a venue and we got so lucky that our gut was right and that they really do have an amazing day of package.
  • I think it all depends on how much your venues are doing for you and how big of a wedding you are having. My reception venue provided my linens and cake and I used centerpieces that they had available. So I didn't have to worry about anything at the venue. They also took care of my presents for me and cake & packing up any food. They also combined with my DJ had a schedule of events for the night that went off perfectly. The DJ talked to hall coordinator to find out when meals would be ready & then worked to get people to their seats for dinner. My DJ had worked at the venue plenty of times and during my interviewing process of him, he explained how he handles issues of sick dj's or equipment so there was nothing to worry about there. My florist and limo I just confirmed everything myself and gave everyone in Bridal Party, parents & photographer day of schedules so they would know what was going on when & where they had to be, so that cut out a lot of questions that a DOC might field. I had a smaller sized wedding too, 120 people. However had I had a larger wedding guest list or even a larger wedding party (only had 4 on each sdie), I think I would have hired a DOC to help wrangle everyone together & deal with guests.
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