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name changes?

this may have been on here recently so I am sorry if I don't see it.

I am curious what everyone on the board has done/is doing as far as last name changes go. I think it is an interesting topic and I'd love to hear what you all have done or are planning to do. There are so many options: keeping your name, changing your name, you hyphenating, both you and FI hyphenating, etc.
I'm not sure which way I'd like to go. So if any of you have tips on how you made your decisions and what was important to you in changing or not changing your name, they would be greatly appreciated.

Re: name changes?

  • My wedding is in 3 weeks and I will be changing my name to his.

    It is important to me to have the same name as my family. FI and I already have a 1 year old daughter together and I hate not having the same name as them.
  • I'm changing mine. I just always assumed I would, because it's what my mother and grandmothers did. I'll drop my current middle name, move my maiden name to my middle name, and take FI's last name.
    I like having the tie to my family of origin by keeping my maiden name as my middle name, and I like creating a new family with FI.
    Also, this was VERY important to FI. More important to him than to me, actually. He really wanted me to take his name, and even if I hadn't been willing to anyway, I would have reconsidered for his sake.
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