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Anyone found success with a specific diet plan?? Any tips/advice... just beginning the journey!

I am getting married on August 9th, 2014. I would like to lose 20 pounds in the next 6 months. I expect to schedule my first dress fitting in late May/early June. 

I know that if I am honest with myself my problem is pure willpower. Some days I feel good about myself and like my weight is not an issue and then I just eat what sounds good. But health is an issue and I have to find the motivation to overcome my cravings. I was hanging steady for a long time and actually gained 5 pounds since renouncing vegetarianism a couple months ago. I just want to be healthier and comfortable in my body. FH and I also plan on starting a family within 2 years of the wedding, and I will want to have the willpower to control my weight gain and successfully trim down postpartum. This is bigger than wedding pictures!

I have never done this before and would like some advice! What keeps you motivated and away from the comfort foods? Have you found a specific diet plan that is working well? 

I am hoping to find a community (or several) where I can be held accountable, so additional resources would also be appreciated :)

Re: Anyone found success with a specific diet plan?? Any tips/advice... just beginning the journey!

  • Congratulations! I would try 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels. It's a good combo to help you lose weight and also shape you. Also, a super boring and cheesey 80's DVD just got re-released this year and I used it when I was 12 and I use it now (I'm 32) - Callanetics!! Won't help you lose weight but will also shape you (good for tummy when you have to fit into a beautiful wedding gown!)
  • Hi! Congrats!!

    I've had good luck with low carb diets like South Beach and also the Advocare cleanse. I am starting the Advocare cleanse again on Friday.... you don't need to buy the whole package- I would recommend buying the "Cleanse" box and Sparks but not anything else until you know you like it!

    I like Pure Barre for a workout but it's been hard for me to make the class times with work. I have been doing cardio/weight lifting on my own at the gym. I'm horrible with DVDs but I know there are lots of good ones out there!
  • I have had success with South Beach Diet as well. I started in late May of this year and lost about 30lbs! As far as exercise, I think finding something you love is what's key. I have done a combination of classes at my gym (bootcamp style, zumba, les mils) as well as bikram yoga and some videos like Insanity. Now I wouldn't start with Insanity but if you like videos, the Jillian Michaels ones are excellent! Her 30 Day Shred it great because the workouts are short but effective. I have also done independent workouts at the gym, increasing my weight lifting. The heavier weights has really helped me lean out!

    My key to staying on track with food was making sure I eat before I'm hungry by having healthy snacks in between meals and prepping as much food on Sunday for the upcoming week. It's a lot harder to reach for junk or go out when I have food made or already prepped and ready to cook. Also, my husband changed his eating habits so that made it easier because we encourage each other. 
  • If you're looking for a community SparkPeople is pretty good. It's free and there's a large online community with discussion boards and interest groups you can join with group goals to meet. I'm pretty sure they have several Sweating for the Dress type groups. 
    I'm planning on getting back into it as well once the chaos of Christmas is over. I did P90X for awhile and saw results until I got busy and fell off the wagon. The willpower part is what kills me too. 
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  • Hi! When my FI and I were planning a cruise this summer and i wanted my 6-pack to stop being so shy, the thing that worked for me (besides exercise) was low/no carb. I did not follow a specific diet, but I became aware of foods that have high amts of carbs and regulated my intake of them. In doing this i realized how much I love bread, so it was hard but it was the only dieting technique that gave me results.

    I've never struggled with my weight before and am kind of a work-out junkie, so I never really lose momentum with my active lifestyle. But realistically, EVERYONE has days when they just flat out don't feel like it! Days off are ok, but when you feel yourself letting it become a habit just think about your health and how it's affected by the greasy, high fat, salty choices you make...

     I always say looking good on the outside, means nothing if you don't look good on the inside. Exercise not only benefits your physique, but once you start working out more regularly and eating clean you'll notice you'll have more energy, your hair will be shinier, your skin will be softer and less oily, you won't ever feel lethargic, and you'll just be all around happier! Beginning (and sticking to) a health and fitness plan will set off a positive chain reaction and once it does i promise you'll want more of it :). Happy health and fitness!!
  • I have found that eating a Paleo/Primal diet has been the best change for me!! The nice thing is these aren't traditional diets it's just healthy eating and sounds like you have plenty of time to do it the right way!! Suggested reads: It Starts With Food or 21 Day Sugar Detox. I have lost about 10-15 pounds and feel so much better. Just a suggestion!!
  • i've had amazing success with Weight Watchers online…. about 75 lbs lost in one year! it's healthy and totally works, i not only lost the weight but i am more energetic, happier, etc…. they have in-person meetings too :)
  • Want to second leideigh! I gained about 25 lbs while dating my fiance because I had to quit my nice gym to pay for my car, didn't like the new gym, so stopped going.

    Since we got engaged I started WW online to help me with my portions while putting a lot of work in at the gym. I've lost 10 lbs at this point; hoping for another 20-30 before my wedding in September of 2014. I'm surprised at how well WW has worked; it's like a game, and I'm pretty competitive, so I've really enjoyed it. I know these goals are doable, yours sound equally as achievable. I'd check out WW and look into some sort of gym component that pushes you outside of your normal routine - maybe a difficult class, small group training, or personal training.

    Good luck!
  • I'm getting married on August 9th as well!  I am having a hard time getting motivated when the date seems so far away.  I also have the hardest time when my fiance enjoys his late night snacks!  Please let me know if you find any good blogs or resources.  I really like following exact diet plans that have suggested meals.  I did best when I limited sugary foods and processed carbs. 
  • I would second the idea of sparkpeople! It's a wonderful FREE community with workouts, food tracker, recipes, a community like this - I've loved it! I used it before my sisters wedding last summer and lost 19 lbs! I've put some of it back on because I've strayed from my program - but plan to lose 15-20 by my fall of next year wedding date! If you join spark - there are great wedding/brides groups to join as well! 
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    I used Weight Watchers for much of last year (2012) and saw success with it. It really teaches you about portion control. BUT I ran in to a problem using it when I started to hit the gym regularly (this year) and just felt like I wasn't getting enough food. WW accounts for exercise, but from what I remember not weight lifting (just cardio) - so needing more protein to support weight lifting became a problem with my points allowance.

    This year I started with a personal trainer (along with my fiance) and he set me up a weight training program. I really like it - I know what to do in the gym every day, and I'm not paying for a trainer every day. I did 10 sessions with him and since I have been on my own. He will help me adjust my program as needed but generally I stick to what I have.

    I've never had success with "fad diets" or "miracle pills" or anything... it really does come down to just hard work and discipline. But don't forget you ARE allowed to enjoy food! Have a small slice of cake instead of the giant one you're accustomed to. Try your Starbucks drink with non-fat milk and sugar free syrup. Just small changes like that will add up! For me, I finally realized I had to find a meal plan/diet that I could live with forever - making really drastic diet choices (no carb! no sugar!) wouldn't work for me because I could never maintain it. It's important to think of it as a LIFESTYLE CHANGE not a diet or quick 3 month gym membership.

    Diet is the biggest issue for me, and the saying "you can't out exercise a bad diet" just doesn't seem to sink in to me. Some days it does, others not so much. So this is a long journey for me. Our wedding isn't until March 2015 but I want to be in much better shape by next summer when I go dress shopping.

    WE CAN DO IT! :)
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    Reading all this advice has been helpful.  I am really only 20-30 lbs overweight and would love to lose my "double chin" especially before the wedding.  TMI!  I know!  haha.  I really lack the motivation to make good choices.  There are moments when it bothers me, and moments when it doesn't.  I basically just eat what I want all the time, as bad as that sounds.  I am lucky I am not more overweight than I am.  I just don't want to get to that day and think, "I should have lost the weight."  I am going to look into the WW online and see if that might work for me.
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  • @dpelkey724 look at the MyFitnessPal app too. It's free, and based on your weight loss goals will set your calories for you :)
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  • @tcnoble ...I have thought about it, I have a friend who uses it.  But I am thinking I need something a little more intense due to my major lack of motivation.  Plus, I am hoping that if I am paying for WW, it will make me want to do it more.  Keeping my fingers crossed! lol
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  • @dpelkey724 either app is very easy to use, I know after a while using WW I would only think of food in terms of "points"! My family hated me haha. Just gotta find what works for you! Paying for something definitely makes you more likely to actually utilize it. 
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  • 100% agree with everything @tcnoble said.  Also @dpelkey724, WW offers an online subscription for about half the price of meetings. I lost 85 lbs with the WW online app. Good luck!
  • @mizangi Good to know!  I am looking to lose between 20-30.  I am happy to hear so many people had success using it.  I need to finally be accountable for what I am putting into my body!
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  • I've had the best results from cutting sugar and refined carbs, but I'll also admit winter is terrible. I have a hard time staying away from all the breads and fattening foods, so right now I'm mostly just trying to avoid gaining extra holiday weight.
    Workout wise, I generally have to have low-impact options. Weights or gym machines, light cardio, yoga, kickboxing, and swimming seem to do best.
  • I've had th ebest results with Beachbody. All the DVDs are so easy to do at home and they have nutrition down to a science with Shakeology. Pair that with clean eating, motivation from a group, a personal coach, and results will come in no time!!! If any one is interested in hearing more about it I've got a group going for motivation and fitness on FB email me at [email protected] or find me on Facebook at

    Get it done ladies!! =)

  • I'm starting nutrisystem on Friday!! I workout/lift weights 4-5 days a week, I just have no discipline with my diet so I'm giving this a shot! I've got a positive mindset going in to it so I'm confident I'll see results. Happy new year everyone!!
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