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Bridesmaid dress help - good dresses for hiding extra skin from drastic weight loss

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I have three bridesmaids with completely different body types and personal styles, so rather than pick one dress that none of them would be crazy about, I picked a color and told them to pick any dress they liked in that color.  I went with David's Bridal, since 2 of my bridesmaids are out of state and none live in the same city as me, so it was easy to have some consistency and not break the bank.  One of them had weight reduction surgery in the spring.  She's already lost more than 180 pounds and will likely lose another 50 or so before my wedding.  (I'm super proud of her.  She looks amazing and her confidence has skyrocketed.)  She's currently a size 18, and could drop several sizes by June. 

However, she is worried about excess skin from the drastic weight loss and wants a dress that will help camouflage this.  It is much more important to me that she finds a dress she likes and feels comfortable in than that my bridesmaids dress colors match exactly.  (I would like them to be close, though.)  She found one thing she liked at DB, but they don't have tons of selection in store in plus sizes and she understandably wants to be able to try the dress on before ordering.  I am totally fine with her getting a dress somewhere else if she can't find anything she likes at DB.  The color I picked was cornflower blue (see link here for DB dresses in that color), so I'm guessing she could find substantially similar colored dresses in other places. We were going to pick up a fabric swatch when we go shopping over the holidays. Money is a little tight, so she'd like to keep the budget as close to (or under) $150 for the dress as possible.

Anyone have any suggestions for other stores or dress lines she could look at?  Because she might drop several sizes between now and the wedding, a places with good exchange policies would be super helpful.  She's going to wait as long as she can to order the dress, but just in case she gets the wrong size, the ability to exchange for a smaller size rather than pay a ton for alterations would be super helpful.


Re: Bridesmaid dress help - good dresses for hiding extra skin from drastic weight loss

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