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Dress question: I lost 30 lbs and now I'm nervous my dress won't be able to be altered! HELP

Hi all! I am getting married in May 2014, and I bought my dress in June 2013 (about 6 months ago). I haven't seen it since. When I ordered it, I was a snug size 14 and since then, I have lost 30 lbs and I would like to lose 10 more pounds. I am so thrilled, but terribly nervous that the dress won't fit! I have my first fitting in the beginning of february and I feel like my body has changed so much that I either a) won't like my dress anymore, or b) the seamstress won't be able to make it fit like it should. I am about a size 10-12 now. What do you think? Also the dress DOESN'T have a corset back (zip up with covered buttons), but it does have lots of boning and structure.

In addition, does anyone know if bridal stores will let you exchange a dress or if they will buy it back? Help!

Re: Dress question: I lost 30 lbs and now I'm nervous my dress won't be able to be altered! HELP

  • Most bridal gown sales are final because they are ordered specifically for you.  However, any reputable seamstress should be able to take in the dress 2 sizes without a problem.  So going from a 14 to a 10 should be fine.  Once you start your fittings though, you should stop losing weight and just work on maintenance and toning.
  • Don't worry about it. A good seamstress can easily bring a dress in 4 sizes, so you'll be fine. Beyond that, it may take some effort but it can still be done. Even without a corset back, the dress alterations will likely not have a problem. Congrats on your loss!
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  • Thank you both for your help! Minor problem is - I don't want to stop haha. After my first fitting, I would still like to continue to lose 10 lbs. How many fittings do people normally have? And when is the final fitting typically done?
  • I would recomend expressing your desire to continue losing weight to your seamstress. Where has the weight come from so far? All over or have you noticed certain places get smaller more noticeably? Like boobs or butt. Keep those things in mind and talk to the seamstress at your first fitting.
  • Congrats on your weight loss! We are getting married dec 2014 and i have not bought my dress yet, but I would love to lose a good 50lbs... did you do anything particular? Any advice?
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  • First of all, congratulations! That's a big loss and you must be very proud of your hard work. 

    As PPs mentioned, a good seamstress should have no issues when it comes to taking in your dress. You're certainly not the first bride to lose a significant amount of weight between ordering her dress and having her first fitting. 

    This was mentioned, but once you start your fittings don't lose any more; practice toning and maintenance. Seamstresses aren't magicians!
  • You all are making me feel much better about the situation! I would say my top half is the part of my body that's shrunk the most (boob, chest, stomach), so I'll talk to the seamstress about that.

    I downloaded the Weight Watchers app, so I counted points but DID NOT eat any bread, rice or grains. Mostly just protein, veggies, fruits and fats (oil, nuts). I try to work out 5 times a week (running and bikram yoga). Lastly I pretty much cut out drinking alcohol... maybe 1x per week at most, or once every couple of weeks. It is strict, but I have experienced such success! 
  • Congrats on the weight loss! You will be fine . . . but I would say, make sure you're going to a REALLY good seamstress. This will be a little more challenging than the standard bridal alterations, so I would suggest shelling out a few hundred more if necessary to go to a really great seamstress. The standard number of bridal fittings is 2-3 . . . I think it's probably okay to keep losing weight, but definitely let the seamstress know that that's your plan.
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